In a Vase on Monday: February Blues?

Finding something in my garden to bring indoors and put in a vase is quite tricky as winter drags on. But I am enjoying rising to the challenge and am grateful to our In a Vase on Monday host, Cathy at “Rambling in the Garden”, for the motivation!

Despite a couple of mild and sunny days it is now cold and wet again, but fortunuately I nipped outside earlier, before the sleet started, and cut a few patio violas/pansies peeping out from the melting snow, and one more bud of my patio hellebore “Christmas Star” (which has miraculously survived being frozen and thawed, frozen and thawed incessantly since Christmas).


The pansies all had very short stems, so I put them in a miniature rose bowl that my Mum gave me years ago, and displayed them on a glass cake stand.


The blue of the violas is actually more of a purple in real life. These little flowers always amaze me as they seem to withstand any amount of cold and then look fresh the moment the temperatures rise again.


If you haven’t yet joined in with Cathy’s meme, maybe the onset of spring will encourage you – take a look at what others have found for a vase this Monday for inspiration!

60 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: February Blues?

  1. Oh Cathy you brought me so much joy to see one of my favorite flowers, pansies. I have just started some from seed. I adore them in containers. Nothing is showing here except snow 5 ft high. Love the display as well. What a perfectly glorious color for February!

    • They are such lovely flowers aren’t they! It’s much better having them on the table to enjoy than outside on the patio which is now looking decidedly scruffy as the dirty snow is slowly melting!

  2. This is really lovely Cathy, Hellebores and Pansies look delicate but incredibly put up with so much and still look beautiful. The crystal bowl looks just perfect with your selection too. Hope that Spring hurries up for you.

    • I know what you mean – the pansies just exude cheerfulness! I am amazed I have managed to find something every week so far. February was definitely hardest, but there are signs of spring and it’s almost March already!

  3. I was hoping it was going to be blue flowers and not you being depressed by your weather! Aren’t they sweet? And perfect in the little bowl too. How did you get the circular photos – that’s not a feature within WordPress is it? Thanks for sharing today ps you have a better class of paper doily than me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Cathy. Yes, a wordpress feature; when you select photos from your media files you can create a new gallery and choose between tiles, circles etc. I don’t know if it depends on which theme you have though.

  4. How would we ever make it through the winter without our Violas? Yours look particularly beautiful today, Cathy. What a miracle that flowers are able to withstand this continual freezing and thawing and still look so fresh! Warmest wishes ๐Ÿ˜‰ WG

    • Thanks WG. A few more violas appeared from beneath the snow today. Such resilient little flowers! I must make a note to plant more for the patio next autumn.

      • Last year was the first winter when we had Violas lost from cold and dehydration before spring. I went out with jugs of warm water to all of the pots this morning, and was sad to see how many look absolutely dessicated. They are generally winter hardy here in 7B, but this winter and last really push the limits. I hope yours are all alive and well ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our grower still has Violas in the greenhouse for spring sales, but by April I’m looking for plants to last through the summer. Violas fade for us here in the heat of late May. So glad you found yours peeking out from beneath the snow ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • A few more violas have emerged from the snow today, but the small ones look a bit sickly. Yes, ours suffer in the summer heat here too, although I once had one flower through until August!

          • You must have had it in a sweet spot where it got enough shade and protection from the wind. I’ve already watered with Neptune’s Harvest for the first time, hoping that gave them a little boost and maybe some extra resilience in the cold. I hope there is enough life left in the roots that they can all bounce back in milder weather. Do your Violas ever self-seed? We have a few tiny seedlings emerging now-

            • They usually self seed in the most inappropriate spots! I haven’t been able to give them any feed yet as the pots are still either frozen or very wet. I hope March will be drier!

  5. Very pretty, Cathy, and perfectly displayed! I love pansies and always plant a few here too. This year they’re not faring well, however – I guess they like your weather better than mine! For your sake, though, I hope those gray skies clear and you get some sunshine to melt the snow.

  6. What a sparkling bit of color. I love that you mixed the hellebore in there too, I would have been stuck on the all blue look and the white in the center makes it so much nicer.

    • I needed something to fill the space in the middle, and that hellebore just keeps producing new buds despite being in a tiny pot outside. I also picked one single snowdrop, but it still hasn’t opened for me so didn’t get photographed!

  7. So pretty! Pansies are lovely for picking, so you can enjoy their dear little faces close to. I love your round pictures and I am wondering how on earth you did that.

    • Hi Chloris. The round pictures are a feature on my wordpress media library page. They don’t always turn out as I expect, but seemed to work this time! I must tell you I was reading an article all about birch trees in my gardening magazine and it reminded me of your post on Anglesey Abbey with the birch grove. So then I googled it and on the first page of images there was your photo and it is definitely one of the best!

  8. Pansies always make me smile Cathy. They are quite tough characters despite their sweet appearance whilst your ‘Christmas Star’ sounds like a real trouper!

  9. I plan to plant some pansies this year. I live in TN and I see them everywhere from October through December and they are so beautiful. Will be wonderful to see these beautiful flowers after my others have faded.

    • They are lovely plants and do seem to last for ages. I usually plant fresh ones in pots in the autumn and after the winter they often they keep flowering until it gets really hot in July or so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This is so pretty Cathy – I really must grow more pansies as they look so fetching in a vase (or rose bowl). I have ordered Flora Poetica and am looking forward to it arriving, but sadly cannot find my Flower Fairy book – I might need to seek out a replacement.

    • I really enjoyed them on my table, but they only lasted 3 or 4 days. I must plant more too! Enjoy the poetry book Julie. My flower fairy book is called The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies and includes everything – it was definitely worth investing in as I only had bits and pieces before.

  11. Lovely to look at and put on your salad. Unfortunately my free range chickens (not for long) nibbled my new pansies to the nubs… and the sluggo pellets- but it fortunately didn’t hurt them. Happy Sunday

    • Oh dear. I don’t put pellets down as I’m afraid a hedgehog or something might swallow one. I hope to have enough pansy flowers later in the year to add to salads now and then too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love that you have cute Hedgehogs ๐Ÿ™‚ I have Ground Hogs and Moles ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be setting up a Fundraiser for our Garden Club to sell Pansies I can not wait till we can have another color besides WHITE ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We have moles and voles too Eunice, but the slugs are the ones that do the most damage to my flowers! I have just a few crocus coming out a last to add some colour as the snow melts here. Hope you don’t get flooding too bad when all that snow starts melting where you are.

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