In a Vase on Monday: White Delight

No, not more snow thank goodness, but snowdrops!


For my Monday vase I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and have collected some tiny early spring flowers to bring indoors. The buds have been showing for a couple of weeks now, peeping out of the snow (which has now melted at last!) but were tightly closed and I really thought they would never open. However, by the time I had put them in my miniature violet jug and found a spot to photograph them they were already spreading out their little petals in the warmth. I think I may have heard some grateful sighs too… 😉


Now if it wasn’t for Cathy’s meme I would probably never have cut these little treasures and they might never have opened for me to enjoy their prettiness. So thanks goes to Cathy once again – go and visit her to see her lovely spring vase today and do join in if you can – you might just make such a delightful discovery as I did!