In a Vase on Monday: White Delight

No, not more snow thank goodness, but snowdrops!


For my Monday vase I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and have collected some tiny early spring flowers to bring indoors. The buds have been showing for a couple of weeks now, peeping out of the snow (which has now melted at last!) but were tightly closed and I really thought they would never open. However, by the time I had put them in my miniature violet jug and found a spot to photograph them they were already spreading out their little petals in the warmth. I think I may have heard some grateful sighs too… 😉


Now if it wasn’t for Cathy’s meme I would probably never have cut these little treasures and they might never have opened for me to enjoy their prettiness. So thanks goes to Cathy once again – go and visit her to see her lovely spring vase today and do join in if you can – you might just make such a delightful discovery as I did!



54 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: White Delight

    • I do hope your winter is coming to an end. You have had so much snow! I shall look forward to seeing your snowdrops when mine have all gone. 😉

    • Hi Pauline. We actually had another light sprinkling of snow last night, along with wind, hail, thunder and lightning! I hope the saying about March coming in like a lion is true…

  1. How cheery Cathy, this is sight to make anyone smile. I love the little vase you have chosen too. I am glad your snow has gone, hopefully Spring is finally here for you.

  2. You couldn’t fail with these, Cathy, white delight indeed! Your pretty little jug is the absolutely perfect container, but they would still have looked beautiful just in a jam jar, wouldn’t they?! Thanks for sharing – and I am glad they have brought you so much pleasure 🙂

  3. So beautiful Cathy – I just love snowdrops and your little jug is perfect (as is the green background). I always find they open so quickly when I bring them into the house – sometimes I try to take the photos with them closed but am never quick enough. Flora Poetica arrived this morning, so I am looking forward to settling down with that and after a conversation with my daughter tonight I think I know where the Flower Fairies are!

    • I’m glad the fairies book has turned up, and do let me know what you think of Flora Poetica. I hadn’t realized snowdrops opened so quickly indoors, so I was glad I tried it!

  4. I just love your tiny pitcher with the snowdrops, Cathy! Everything is perfectly in scale and so lovely this way, and it’s wonderful that the snowdrops opened well inside. I wouldn’t have known that…!

  5. What a dear little jug. I love to bring snowdrops into the house. What a delight for you to be able to enjoy these when you have a snow and cold weather outside.

    • Hi Chloris. I really am enjoying them, and the ones outside still haven’t opened. I have had years where they never open in the cold and snow, so glad I have now learnt that all I need to do is bring them indoors!

  6. Here it is the end of the week and I’m just now visiting your beautiful Monday vase! But I’m so glad to know the snow has finally melted and you have some lovely little spring flowers to share. I just love your beautiful vase, too. I think that very soon you should have lots of color in that wonderful garden of yours, Cathy! ox

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