Tree Following: March 2015

This year I am watching my Field Maple as part of Lucy’s Tree Following meme at Loose and Leafy. I introduced my tree here in early February, and to be honest not much has changed since then!


The botanical name Acer campestre comes from Latin; acer means sharp, which I assume refers to the leaf shape, and campestre – from campus – means field or open land. There is another common name in German: Maßholder. This name means ‘food tree’, and evolved from the ancient use of the leaves which were eaten like sauerkraut or fed to cattle.

As there is little else to see this month apart from the tiniest hint of leaf buds, let’s look at the bark…


As you see there is moss clinging on to the grey-brown bark, which is a bit like cork. Although it is rough it is somehow pleasant to touch. The moss does very well in this part of the garden as it is shady once the other trees come into leaf. In fact this is one of the shadiest spots mid-summer, which is why it was chosen for one of our hammocks. Perhaps you can notice that the grass beneath it is also mostly moss… lovely to walk on barefoot on a hot day!

So, with dreams of summer, thanks to Lucy who now has a lovely big group of tree followers linking to her meme. Take a look here, or better still, join in!