Mothering Sunday and a Mahonia

Happy Mothering Sunday Mum!

Mothering Sunday

In the UK today is Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday – the traditional day to return to your home town and present a posy to your Mum. Well, it will have to be a virtual posy I’m afraid.


I chose this Mahonia, as it is such a lovely intense golden yellow when the sun shines on it and it smells so sweet and honey-like. These pictures are from last year, as it is taking its time to flower this spring.

Mothering Sunday2

Hope the sun is shining for you all!

23 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday and a Mahonia

  1. I love the idea of presenting posy to mothers on such a special day. What a lovely tradition, Cathy. I’m sure you would love to see your mum in person, but this is a lovely way to honor her. ANd I love this bloom! I’m not at all familiar with Mahonia but it is so beautiful and cheery! 🙂

    • Mahonias would most likely not like your climate as they flower in winter/early spring. They grow like weeds all over the garden. The scent attracts the bees as soon as they open. 🙂 They have quite prickly leaves, but the flowers are their redeeming feature!
      Have a great Sunday Debra!

  2. A most cheerful flower Cathy but the prickles look lethal 🙂 My mum is not computer savvy which is a shame so my greetings were conveyed by a card and a phone call. Rather grey here today but there was the odd appearance of the sun. Hope that you have had a good weekend.

    • The prickles are the negative side I admit, and I try to avoid prickly plants in general, but the bees have persuaded us to keep the Mahonia which spreads everywhere here, and the berries when ripe will disappear within a day!

  3. Your photo of mahonia is lovely. Mahonia unfortunately is invasive in my garden, here in southeaster US; I have had to pull many seedlings out. It really hurt when I also dug out mature specimens. They are so pretty! Happy Mother’s day!

    • It verges on invasive here, seeding itself very freely, but if the bees like it i can put up with a bit too much. I sympathise with the pain when digging out prickly things; we have some Berberis and ornamental Flowering Quince that I just can’t get out the ground and every year I get scratched trying to remove it! Thanks for visiting Deb!

  4. I once fell foul of the different dates used for Mother’s Day in the UK and in the US. When I lived in California for a few years I had no idea that the date was different in the two countries. This meant I missed the March UK date and was almost disinherited by my mother!!

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