In a Vase on Monday: Lenten Roses


Finally the dark red hellebore flowers have opened. There are so many this year that a few could easily be snipped for displaying indoors. The other white ones are not quite so prolific but since they hang their heads so low I can enjoy them far better indoors than out. A couple of lighter reddish pink ones are also now flowering too. The yellowish one is, yet again, the Hellebore “Christmas Star” that has flowered on the patio all winter, and this is the only one that actually holds its head up high. (And the only one I can name with certainty!)


I have learnt so much from Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme over at Rambling in the Garden in the past twelve months, including the art of floating hellebores in a bowl, and now putting food colouring in the water too! Just a tiniest hint of pink (organic beetroot powder) has been added to empasize the shades of pink on the petals.


I also put some glass pebbles in the base of the bowl and think they look a bit like bubbles in the picture above!


I wonder if you can find anything for a vase (or a bowl) this week to join in this addicitve meme. Take a look at the other contributions all linked in here to Cathy’s post today.


Have a good week!