In a Vase on Monday: Lenten Roses


Finally the dark red hellebore flowers have opened. There are so many this year that a few could easily be snipped for displaying indoors. The other white ones are not quite so prolific but since they hang their heads so low I can enjoy them far better indoors than out. A couple of lighter reddish pink ones are also now flowering too. The yellowish one is, yet again, the Hellebore “Christmas Star” that has flowered on the patio all winter, and this is the only one that actually holds its head up high. (And the only one I can name with certainty!)


I have learnt so much from Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme over at Rambling in the Garden in the past twelve months, including the art of floating hellebores in a bowl, and now putting food colouring in the water too! Just a tiniest hint of pink (organic beetroot powder) has been added to empasize the shades of pink on the petals.


I also put some glass pebbles in the base of the bowl and think they look a bit like bubbles in the picture above!


I wonder if you can find anything for a vase (or a bowl) this week to join in this addicitve meme. Take a look at the other contributions all linked in here to Cathy’s post today.


Have a good week!

56 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Lenten Roses

  1. Stunning Cathy with the pink water and glass bowl….it will be weeks before anything flowers here…well into April since we still are cold and 2 ft of snow remaining….but I still will have vases. Can’t wait to float a few hellebores.

    • The red hellebore is flowering so well this year and I spotted two seedlings today. Once your snow has gone things will move along so quickly and you’ll be catching us up in no time!

  2. wonderful, I made a post like this 2 years ago with all our helebores, too. I guess we have about 40-50 different ones, dark ones, dotted, striped etc. Beautiful photos.

  3. This is the best way to have them indoors, they look so pretty and last for such a long time. My header photo was taken 2 yrs ago when I did the same.

    • You don’t need many Kris – 2 or 3 in a cocktail glass would look great too. I did the same with aquilegia flowers last year. In fact I bet many flowers would look good displayed this way. I will have to experiment later in the year!

  4. Oh doesn’t that work well, Cathy?! The effect of the pink water with the glass pebbles is brilliant, just like bubbles, as you suggest 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous, and they do last such a long time this way too – lovely, lovely, lovely…

    • Thanks Cathy. Some of the white ones haven’t lasted well at all, but the red ones still look lovely. It’s the only way I get to see them as they are all very shy!

  5. Gorgeous Cathy! I love the glass pebbles in this case. They really accentuate the pretty colors of the blooms! I missed this again as I am under deadline but one of these days… 🙂

  6. Well, I can only repeat what others are saying–this is so gorgeous Cathy. The deep red in that header photo is stunning. Your little glass beads do look like bubbles–nice effect.

    • Thanks Anna. Luckily all our ice has gone! But ice cubes would be a good idea…. 😉 On the shady side of the valley there is still the odd spot of snow to be seen – it takes a while for the ground to warm up here even though the winter wasn’t excessively cold.

    • They don’t last long at all – 2 or 3 days and then they start to flop or fade. Floating them keeps them fresh a little longer than putting them in a vase, but just a day or two with these on the table is so uplifting!

  7. They look beautiful floating in a bowl. What a great idea. You’ve inspired me to try this with my apricot colored Abutilon since they also bloom prolifically and bow their heads. The hummingbirds like them too.
    I love the addition of the beat root. It makes the bowl/glass look pink.

    • Mine struggle, as I rarely remember to water them in summer, but I wouldn’t be without them! Wish you lots of success if you do have another go at growing them Eliza. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Those lenten roses are so lovely Cathy! Your display in the bowl is just perfect. Pretty to see all of the different colours/varieties. I am only slowly adding different colours of Hellebores, but I think eventually I’ll have as nice a collection as you! 🙂

    • Thanks Dana! It took me a while to add to mine and to get these ones to flower nicely, so I’m sure your collection will reward you soon too!

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