Special Flowers

Special flowers for a special person today… my sister!

Happy Birthday Susan!


I wonder if anyone knows what this is…


Maybe if you see it from a different angle?


And what about this?


An exotic cocktail fruit perhaps?


Well, these little red bobbles are in fact larch blossoms… sadly blown off the trees in the strong storm we had this week. But I think they look like tiny raspberries, so I brought some in to enjoy (and lament their fate)!

Our storm was the worst in 30 years, with hurricane-force winds uprooting trees across the country. But we were extremely lucky.

By the way, that first picture is a Ribes sanguineum – Flowering Currant, forced. Chloris at The Blooming Garden told me about how they open like this when forced – quite different to the later flower outside which is longer and pinkish red. Thanks for the tip Chloris. Mine have a hint of pink, possibly because I picked them so late?


They are so lovely!

(And my sister is too!)


19 thoughts on “Special Flowers

  1. That’s really beautiful, Cathy. We had the hurricane, too. Several trees crashed around here and 10 people died. Wish you a Happy Easter, regards Mitza

  2. Thank you for the mention Cathy. Your flowers are delicately tinged with pink, I have never had that happen before. Mine were pure white.
    I would never have guessed what the red bobbles were.
    I have to refollow you, your blog has disappeared from my reader.

    • Hi Chloris. Yes, I think the pink was visible because I picked them so late, already in full bud. Oh, and that happens to me sometimes with the notifications – wordpress seems to have hiccups occasionally!

  3. That’s odd, I had to refollow you as well!
    Happy birthday to your sister and glad to hear you weathered the storm without incident. We had wind warnings this morning but it calmed down a bit by the afternoon, enough so that I was able to get out there and clean a few more things.
    Your drink doesn’t look nearly as tempting now that I know they’re larch blossoms 🙂

    • I just looked at that glass of larch blossoms and decided it’s time for it to go out! Good to hear you can start the spring tidy up. I’m hoping to get outdoors again next week as this cold spell should be replaced by some really mild and sunny spring weather. 🙂

  4. I’ve been trying to work out where I can plant a flowering currant. Didn’t realise you could force the flowers too,much food for thought. Sorry to hear about the destruction the games wrought, always sad to lose mature trees, glad to hear your own garden escaped the carnage.

    • I spent a good two hours just picking up twigs and branches on Friday – at least the wind got rid of a lot of the dead wood and gave our trees a bit of a spring clean! I was surprised how many healthy fir tree branches came down though.

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