In a Vase on Monday: Spontaneity

There are simply so many pretty little flowers in the garden right now; Primulas, Hyancinths, tulips, Pulmonaria, Epimediums….. and the Mahonia and Blackthorn are flowering beautifully too. But on a whim I chose this simple bunch for my Monday vase…


I had done a few jobs outdoors yesterday afternoon, and before coming in I noticed the evening sun  shining through the Heuchera leaves.


It had been warm and sunny and the Thalia daffodils looked in need of a refreshing drink.


Then I saw that some of the hellebores have already produced wonderful seedheads, which last better in a vase than the flowers, so I decided to add a few. A single Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye Giant’) stuck in the middle was perhaps not the ideal choice, but it was done!


Perhaps it was a little hurried this week, but I think it looks fresh and spring-like nonetheless. The blue and white vase was chosen for its very narrow opening which holds the stems in place nicely. The other spring flowers may make it into a mid-week vase. In the meantime they must wait their turn… 😉


Monday Morning Sunshine

Putting a Monday vase together for Cathy’s meme is always so enjoyable! I can highly recommend it – why not join in! Have a look at Rambling in the Garden to see Cathy’s vase and all the others who have linked in today.


49 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Spontaneity

  1. Your arrangement is lovely Cathy and I remember the beautiful vase from another arrangement, it is so lovely I’m sure you must have it on display even when it is empty.

    • Thanks Kris. We have had some wonderful sunny days but the spring flowers are desperate for a drink after an unusually dry April. A good excuse to cut them for a vase though! 😉

    • Yes, I know just what you mean Donna. I have a much clearer idea of what is flowering when and the progress of a plant is followed more closely if it is a potential vase candidate!

    • I have also been looking closely at which daffodils other bloggers have highlighted and my wishlist is long… Thalia is definitely a favourite, although I did hesitate at planting them as I always used to think daffodils should be bright yellow! 😉

  2. You made beautiful choices from among the many possibilities Cathy. Isn’t it nice when there are so many flowers to consider? The Heuchera leaves are gorgeous and I love the way you used them. Beautiful vase as well.

    • Thank you Susie. The choice was a little perplexing so I will plan ahead for next week’s vase to reduce the (rather pleasant) dilemma of what to pick!

  3. Your vase looks interesting. I love white flowers, especially daffodils and snowbells. The seedheads and the red leaves complete the picture. Enjoy spring and sun!

  4. Very beautiful Cathy, love the daffodils and snowbells as well as the Heuchera leaves! We have had rain for 7 days now but today we had really heavy storms, thunder and 1/2 inch size hail for 45 minutes. All the tree leaves, ground cover, hosta, etc. all have shredded leaves now. This storm brought us over 2 inches of rain in the 45 minutes.

    • Oh Michael, your poor hostas! Mine are barely showng leaves yet – just the shoots are now appearing. We really need rain here – it has been a very dry month so far with a lot of drying wind, so spring plants even in the shade are looking a bit thirsty.

  5. I can see why the heuchera leaves inspired the whole arrangement, Cathy – they look lovely in the vase! It’s all so fresh and full of spring 🙂

    • The best thing about those Heuchera is that they all came from one small rescued plant and now there are about five fairly large and very healthy plants! 🙂

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