29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Orange Queen

    • I have sulphureum too Julie, and it is also lovely and spreading nicely too. I have a new pink one (‘Rose Queen’) that will flower later, and am quite looking forward to seeing that!

    • You have reminded me to check on my Amber Queen too, which is in a colder spot and wasn’t flowering last time I looked. I really love them all!

  1. I love epimediums. I’ll always remember my delight when I first saw tiny, perfectly formed yellow flowers hanging over what I’d assumed was a ground cover foliage plant. Thanks for sharing!

    • They move in the breeze so nicely too on those long stems too and look as if they are dancing. The German name is ‘elf flower’, which I find quite appropriate! Thanks for visiting!

    • There are many different ones, even pink or white, for semishade or shade, so I hope you find one that would like your garden Susie! I can only recommend them!

    • Well, it was very dry here until recently so they are now taking off due to the rain! They do take a few years to get established in my garden though.

    • My yellow ‘Sulphureum’ is more vigorous than this one Annette, but I suppose it all depends on the location. I’m looking forward to seeing my first pink one soon, in a cool and shady spot, so it needs a bit longer…. 😉

  2. Oh that’s a rather attractive orange Cathy almost peachy with some hints of yellow thrown into the mix too. I only have pink and white ones so far but there’s room for more 🙂

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