Terrific Tulips

I have always liked tulips, but never imagined I would grow many in my garden. Yet somehow I now have quite a few. The different ones I have planted over the years – and add to each autumn – have slowly transformed my spring garden into a burst of colour, from March through to May. Replanting is essential though, as I always lose some to mice, drought or some other factor.

This is the bed at the top of my rockery, which seems to have developed an orange theme… I replanted an orange rose and an orange Echinacea there last autumn, which clearly flower much later but seem to have inspired the new additions…


On the right is Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’: a single, elegant and fairly tall tulip with light purplish streaks…


And the frilly partner is called Orange Princess… a bit over the top, and not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it for being so cheery and a bit of fun! The colours are almost identical to Prinses Irene, so they go very nicely together, especially with the purply Heucheras in between.


Another new one for me this year is Tulipa Greenstar, a lily-flowering tulip that is mostly white with green stripes. I think I like this shape of tulip best and am very pleased I lightened up the colour mix.


At the same time I planted one called Spring Green, but I think I was sent the yellow version Yellow Spring Green instead. It is certainly not ivory, as described, but also not a strong yellow. Still, rather nice.


Here are a few of the others still flowering at the moment, or just going over…

Finally, some old favourites: Purple Dream


… and Eye Catcher…


There are many without names, but that doesn’t distract from their beauty!

Do you grow tulips? What’s your favourite this year?