Tree Following: May 2015

This year I am following a tree along with Lucy at Loose and Leafy and a whole bunch of other bloggers. The tree I chose is a Field Maple, Acer campestre. We had a very dry month of April, and I took some photos on April 27th (all the left-hand photos) – a very hot and muggy day – just before the rain arrived. Then I took some more photos on May 6th (all the right-hand photos) after a week of showers. See the difference!

The leaves unfurled slowly, revealing the flower…

Their shape has become more defined as they grow larger, although they are still quite pale…

The canopy I will enjoy when lying in my hammock in summer is also quite well developed now…

And all that happened within the space of 9 days!

We have blackbirds nesting near the house, and the male likes to sit in this tree and sing, even while we are sitting on the grass beneath it with our old doggie for a bit of shade… it’s her favourite spot in the garden. πŸ™‚


38 thoughts on “Tree Following: May 2015

  1. I love the song of blackbirds; I think it is very under-rated, to me it sounds almost as good as a nightingale. 9 days for all that growth is incredible, I wonder if it would have done it even without the rain.

    • The last few years we have had several blackbirds singing directly in our garden and they are lovely, but very loud! We had a nightingale the first summer we were here, but I have not heard one since. I think the rain speeded up the process of the leaves opening and the garden has grown like mad too!

  2. Oh a week is a long time in politics Cathy as well in the life of a tree πŸ™‚ All that liquid refreshment did the trick and your blackbird is no doubt appreciating that happy state of affairs too.

    • He is singing his heart out in the rain this morning Anna! I think he likes this weather… but it is bad for the worms we watched him finding yesterday!

  3. Love this idea; following a tree. Love your tree. Very majestic. 9 days? It’s amazing, the movements of nature…the slowness…the quickness. Always on it’s own time, never on mine. πŸ˜€ Hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring my friend.

    • Incredible how quickly it all happens, isn’t it! The blackbirds are so tame and follow us around the garden, teasing our smaller dog who has learned she must not chase them!

    • It is interesting for me to watch my tree up close, as so much passes me by – especially when it all happens practically overnight!

    • We really needed it, but I expect it won’t be long before this gardener starts wishing for drier weather as it is raining again today!

  4. That is interesting to see the difference in a few days after some rain, it is almost as if the tree was waiting for it. Ah lying in a hammock in the shade!

    • As a fellow gardener you can probably imagine that the hammock doesn’t get nearly enough use… sitting or lying in the garden is very hard! If I am not picking out weeds in summer, or dead- heading, then I am taking photos! LOL!

    • I’m glad I took the pictures at the end of April to compare, or I probably wouldn’t have noticed just how fast it was! Thanks Lucy!

  5. What fun it is focusing on one tree. Although I’m not officially following along, I’ve been keeping a close watch on our Acer. It’s remarkable to see the growth spurt of spring. Enjoy. And please give your tree a hug for me. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you Alys. It really is remarkable, as you say, with all that energy bursting into the leaves over such a short space of time. And fun too! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, that is dramatic transformation! No leaves on my tree yet, though there are flowers, so at least now I know what it is… I am hoping for some hammock weather soon, we’d already used it loads by this time last year.

    • We only use our hammocks when it is really hot, as this is the coolest and shadiest spot in the garden. It would be nice to have a place in the sun too though….. you’ve got me thinking!

    • Thank you Pat. The hillsides around us are almost totally green now and I just can’t believe how quickly it happened. But I expect I say that every year… πŸ˜‰

  7. Aren’t trees amazing. With our heat the leaves were out and fully developed in 2 days this year. I was blown away. Maples are fabulous shade trees and I hope you find lots of time to relax there beneath it.

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