In a Vase on Monday: Beauty

I am once again joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her meme In a Vase on Monday. Do take a look at her pretty creation today – the name and props complement the contents of her “vase” perfectly!

My contribution this week is one of my favourite vases so far this year…


Don’t you just love that red peony and the blue Centaurea?


And those Siberian Irises are so lovely…


I added some Aruncus stems for the delicate buds and the foliage…


Moon Daisies and Sweet Williams buds…


Lady’s Mantle…


And some Geranium phaeum…


It is a wonderful season for picking flowers from your own garden to bring indoors, so why not join in…


Thanks for hosting, Cathy!


39 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Beauty

    • Peony season is getting going now here, and the pink ones that smell nice are just opening. My favourites are the white ones though… just a few more days!

    • Garden in a vase AND vase in a garden! 😉 Yes, thebgarden is very green right now after all the April showers arrived a month late!

  1. Oh, all those ideas there, Cathy – I keep waiting for my SW to flower but of course their buds are beautiful too, and what a shame to forget about alchemilla when its always around! I can forgive the perennial centaurea its potential thuggishness as the flowers are so pretty, aren’t they? And it’s easily pulled out anyway. That’s a stunning red peony you have too – thanks for sharing your lovely combination of blooms.

    • My Centaurea doesn’t spread much thank goodness, but then conditions are a bit tougher here when it gets hot and dry (and then it gets mildew!). The flowers are quite lovely though. 🙂

    • Thanks Susie – the Geranium phaeum spreads like wildfire, so I shall have to bring a whole vaseful indoors soon and uproot a lot too! 😉

  2. Cathy there is so much in your vase and many plants I have here…some blooming already….I wondered how Geranium phaeum held up in the vase…..loads of color and perfect for our national holiday with the red, white and blue.

  3. Beautiful photos! The foliage really rounds out the vase and lets you appreciate the individual flowers.
    Ha, I didn’t pick up on the red-white and blue until Donna mentioned it!

    • The foliage of Aruncus is gorgeous at the moment. I like the buds much better than the frothy flowers, but the insects adore the flowers and it buzzes with life once opened.

    • I wonder if some peonies might open for you at the weekend when your garden is open…? I now have had three different ones flower, and the white ones will be next – my favourites as they smell so lovely.

    • Hi Uta. Our lilac has gone over down here, and the poppies are flowering by the roadsides everywhere… almost summer! I always think of summer beginning when the strawberries ripen and the poppies flower…

  4. It’s truly beautiful and the delicate foliage is so uplifting. (And look at that magnificent lawn in the background that would make a Wisley gardener turn green with envy 😉 ) Have a good week, Cathy!

    • Oh dear, I think a Wisley gardener would tear his hair out at our “lawn” Annette! It is mostly moon daisies, plantain, yarrow, dandelions, veronica, ajuga, moss…. and there’s a little bit of grass here and there too! 😉

  5. Love the combination of the red peony and the blue Centaurea and yes, the irises are perfect too; I can understand why it is one of your favourites so far this year.

    • The red and blue combination looks lovely in the garden right now. I hope it lasts a little longer! And the Alchemilla is such an easy plant – I have to cut it back after it flowers to prevent scorching, and it grows back with renewed vigour!

  6. Oh that’s an eye-catching vase Cathy. I especially like the combination of astrantia mollis with geranium phaeum. I have aruncus too although it’s presently being drowned by an overgrown dogwood. You’ve given me food for thought 🙂

    • I could quite happily do without the Aruncus flowers, but I do love the foliage, especially now. I hope you can save yours from being smothered!

    • Thanks! Foliage can play such a major role in a vase… or a garden! (As you well know, with your beautiful Pelargoniums and Coleus.) 🙂

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