In a Vase on Monday: All the Girls Together

I am joining Cathy’s fun meme again this week, where we fill a vase (or similar receptacle) with materials from our own gardens. And if you are going to join in, now is probably the besttime to do so – June is a bountiful time in the northern hemisphere!

Veronica and Iris are good old-fashioned girls’ names. Then there’s Gladys (Gladioli) and Valerie (Valerian)… am I pushing it a bit with Penny (Peony)? And that’s where I run out of connections! LOL!


Here’s a closer look at Veronica – she’s feeling a bit blue today. 😉


But Gladys (Gladiolus communis) and Iris (sibirica) are doing their best to cheer her up…


as is Penny (Peony)…


In fact Iris is showing off a bit, but she IS rather a beauty…


The other girls (yes, they all seem to be female if you ask me) are Fennel, Alchemilla mollis, Aquilegia, Chives, Sorrel seedheads, Aruncus leaves, Clover and Valerie (Red Valerian).


They are actually not in a vase, but one of those traditional German baking tins with a funnel/hole in the middle. I put a glass jar inside the funnel for the Iris, Veronica and Gladioli. The other flowers were tied into three “bunches” and arranged in the water-filled baking tin itself. Maybe not ideal for the Aquilegias that way, but it was done, with no time to change it!


Now let’s drool over this beautiful white Peony in my giant teacup. Several readers were able to identify it for me last year as Festiva Maxima.


I wish you could smell it. Breathe in deeply and pretend! Personally I think peony perfume tops roses any day.


Now if you had a tree or flower’s name, what would you like to be called? I quite fancy “Corydalis”… or “Hazel”. Or for the male readers how about (Sweet) William, or Al(lium) christophii…? 😉

Do pop over to visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and see what others have found to put in a vase and share this week.