In a Vase on Monday: All the Girls Together

I am joining Cathy’s fun meme again this week, where we fill a vase (or similar receptacle) with materials from our own gardens. And if you are going to join in, now is probably the besttime to do so – June is a bountiful time in the northern hemisphere!

Veronica and Iris are good old-fashioned girls’ names. Then there’s Gladys (Gladioli) and Valerie (Valerian)… am I pushing it a bit with Penny (Peony)? And that’s where I run out of connections! LOL!


Here’s a closer look at Veronica – she’s feeling a bit blue today. 😉


But Gladys (Gladiolus communis) and Iris (sibirica) are doing their best to cheer her up…


as is Penny (Peony)…


In fact Iris is showing off a bit, but she IS rather a beauty…


The other girls (yes, they all seem to be female if you ask me) are Fennel, Alchemilla mollis, Aquilegia, Chives, Sorrel seedheads, Aruncus leaves, Clover and Valerie (Red Valerian).


They are actually not in a vase, but one of those traditional German baking tins with a funnel/hole in the middle. I put a glass jar inside the funnel for the Iris, Veronica and Gladioli. The other flowers were tied into three “bunches” and arranged in the water-filled baking tin itself. Maybe not ideal for the Aquilegias that way, but it was done, with no time to change it!


Now let’s drool over this beautiful white Peony in my giant teacup. Several readers were able to identify it for me last year as Festiva Maxima.


I wish you could smell it. Breathe in deeply and pretend! Personally I think peony perfume tops roses any day.


Now if you had a tree or flower’s name, what would you like to be called? I quite fancy “Corydalis”… or “Hazel”. Or for the male readers how about (Sweet) William, or Al(lium) christophii…? 😉

Do pop over to visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and see what others have found to put in a vase and share this week.


48 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: All the Girls Together

  1. As long as I’m not called Witch Hazel, I think everything will be okay:^) What I would really like is a plant named after me! Perhaps I’ll take up plant breeding in my retirement.

  2. A fabulous looking arrangement Cathy…so full of bounty…much like a group of girls at a tea party all bright and shining in their new hats and looking for attention….I love how you focused on their names…and the foliage was a perfect compliment too!

    • Donna, you must be on the same wavelength as me… I was also thinking of tea parties and hats! In fact I almost considered using a sunhat to put a bowl or vase in… Have a lovely flower-filled week Donna!

  3. Great idea to bring the ‘girls’ together. And I’m taking note of the imaginative way you are using containers (I need to, because I haven’t many vases). I agree with you about Hazel. A lovely soft, smiling word and a wonderful plant – beautiful and useful. That ‘Festiva Maxima’ is very droolworthy …

    • LOL! I don’t have many vases either, so every time I have an object in my hands that I haven’t touched for a while I think, Could I use this as a vase?! The idea for this week came while I was looking for a different baking tin! 🙂

  4. My goodness by your girls are gorgeous! Your photos really do show them off well! I love your banner photo as well, Cathy. You must be luxuriating in the joy of color! My favorite is Miss Penny. She’s a stunner! ox

    • The peonies really are the stars right now. The pink ones smell delicious, but the white ones are simply heavenly! I wish I could send you a whiff of Festiva Maxima – she is worth celebrating! Have a lovely week Debra! 🙂

  5. I love your feminine flurry of flowers, Cathy! And that white peony!!! It almost makes me weep. (That’s the peony envy working again.) I’m fixated on the Gails (Gaillardia) in my own garden at the moment. I featured Eustoma in my vase today but, as that Latin handle isn’t particularly attractive, we can call them Lisi (for Lisianthus, their former handle).

    • Snails love ‘Gails’, Kris! So I can understand your envy as I can’t grow so many of the lush flowers you grow – they are simply too tempting to my crawling companions here! I rather like the name Eustoma – sounds like a European princess name! LOL!

    • I am happy to share them and glad you like my peony. Such a shame you don’t live round the corner and could pop in to take in the scent of them. 😉 And now the Elderflowers in the woods next to us are opening and the fragrance mingles….

  6. So beautiful Cathy!! I love all your flowers this week (and yes – they must be girls) and am waiting eagerly for them to arrive in my garden. As always, or so it seems, as soon as the iris and peonies start to bloom the wind and rain arrives to knock them over. Festiva maxima looks perfect in a tea cup. My mother is called Iris and if I were to choose a flower name it would be Rose.

    • I like the name Iris, but the only flower name common in Germany seems to be Jasmin or sometimes Lily. It’s the same here – so often we get thunderstorms just as the peonies open, but it is a good excuse to cut lots to bring indoors before they are spoiled! 😉 Have a good week Julie!

  7. Ooh, I will have to think about that one…. But what a great theme for your vase, such a lovely idea. I know I tend to think of certain plants as male or female – and of course Cicely Mary Barker’s flower fairies are one or the other. I love the final effect of your girly collection – and that white peony with it’s dash of raspberry ripple! Yum!

  8. haha! I love it! Great to see all of the girls getting together! Lovely arrangement Cathy, and so nice to see a different spin on things. (I especially love the colour of your peony, too). 🙂

  9. Beautiful display this week, Cathy, per usual. I agree with you, peony over roses, any day. Mine are still just buds, but am looking forward to their blooming in a week or two. Our siberian iris are just starting. I love the flowers of June!

    • Iris and peonies go so well together! May and June are just wonderful times of the year… Have a great week and enjoy your irises!

  10. Such a glittering assembly of friends celebrating June together , Cathy ! Your Peonies are fabulous , and I love your Peony filled teacup . You have brought us the essence of summer 🙂

    • Thanks you, WG! The meteorologcal summer starts on June 1st here, although really summer doesn’t begin until around the 21st. I always think the name for midsummer’s day is odd, as it is at the start of summer!

      • Yes, I’ve always found that odd, too. It depends so much more on climate than on astronomy these days! Our start of “summer” comes at Memorial Day, which was nearly a week early this year, on May 25. That is when the swimming pools open. Our true mid-summer would be the middle of July 😉 But your flowers still celebrate the spirit of summer 😉

  11. This made me laugh, definitely not Apple, how about Rosamund or Rosy for short? I too adore the scent of peonies. A lovely colourful post to revel in on a cold grey blustery day in the UK.

  12. I just love your whimsical post today and well as admiring your lovely vase! Your June flowers are my May ones, so it is nice to see them for a second time.

    • Blogging extends the season, doesn’t it! This time last year my Lavender was already in flower, so I am waiting with bated breath…

  13. Gladys & Iris are two of my favourite girls, they stay around longer than the admittedly beautiful Peony, We men don’t stand much chance when you ‘Girls get together’!

  14. What a sweet post and a lovely respite to my hectic day. It makes me want to go out and cut flowers too, but alas it will need to wait. Your arrangements are so classy. You’ve really got the knack. Thanks for sharing from your garden.

    Just call me Sweet Alyssum. 🙂

  15. All lovely ladies Cathy and even more eye-catching in a group than on their own. A friend’s daughter is called Melissa – I think that would be my flower name of choice 🙂

  16. A very lovely post, Cathy! I love all of your beautiful girls in this romantic flower arrangement, but most “Gladiola communis” and the white peony.

    • Thanks Elisabeth. The white peony is the diva at the moment. I shall have to cut some tomorrow before the heat spoils them. It smells wonderful in the garden with them and the elderflowers mingling! 🙂

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