Aquiring Aquilegias

Last spring I aquired a long-yearned for Red Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis. They are almost impossible to get hold of here.


It was lovely for a couple of weeks, then it disappeared, never to be seen again! So I have now bought some (rather expensive) seeds and sown them. Wish me luck!

(And any tips would be very welcome 🙂 ).

Then in the late summer I aquired some other Aquilegias from an online nursery that offered quite a selection, with great hopes for this spring.

Aquilegia chrysanta ‘Yellow Queen’


Aquilegia chrysanta ‘Rose Queen’


Rose Queen didn’t last for long, with only two flowers. The Yellow Queens were more successful, but I have decided they don’t fit into my garden… a little too exotic? I prefer the traditional Aquilegia vulgaris I think!

I also ordered Aquilegia alpina, a lovely blue one that is yet to flower(!), along with several Aquilegia caerulea ‘Crystal Star’, which are supposed to look like the yellow ones but are pure white… but this is what I got…


Very pretty, but not what I ordered. Never mind. It looks like Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Green Apples’, which I saw everywhere last year and didn’t feel tempted to buy. What do you think of her?

Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Nora Barlow’ was another purchase late last summer and I am glad to note it looks much nicer in real life than the pictures I had seen of it (although mine doesn’t do it justice either).


Finally, I planted up a tiny shade bed on the north side of the house last autumn and picked out a very pretty Semiaquilegia ecalcarata ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’


It has been flowering for about two weeks now and still has a couple of unopened buds. I can definitely recommend this as an accompaniment to Heuchera or Geraniums in the shade and will post about this new shade bed soon.

Have you grown any different Aquilegias either this year or in previous years?