In a Vase on Monday: Bitter Sweet

Today, as I sit at the breakfast table in almost darkness and listen to the rain pounding down on the roof, the lightning occasionally surprising me and the thunder practically rattling the spoon in my coffee cup, I think how glad I am that I picked my flowers for my Monday vase with forethought and even took my photographs yesterday morning before the next round of storms arrived! As always I am glad to join Cathy from Rambling in the Garden with her meme, and present a Monday vase filled with materials from my garden.

We have had a heatwave, with such incredibly high humidity I felt I was swimming through the air on Sunday as I gathered armfuls of peony buds to bring indoors. And some candidates for my Monday vase were easy to pick too. Vase8th4

I have called the vase “bitter sweet” as the lovely Sweet Williams and one of the fragrant peonies Festiva Maxima are included, along with some sage flowers.


It is such a pretty sage (there is a label near it but I’m not going out to check it in this weather), and it actually tastes rather nice too, but sage can be a bit bitter if you use too much of it, don’t you think? Also “bitter sweet” because – bang on time – the heavy rain and stormy weather has arrived just as the sweet peonies are in full bloom. We needed the rain desperately, but the flowers have once again suffered.

Other flowers included this week were the Campanula which was the first to fully open, some Chives, Veronica (again, as it lasts very well in a vase), and a single Nigella flower.


The intricacy of these flowers never ceases to amaze me…


The house smells wonderful with all the peonies I have brought indoors and here is a bonus vase I filled with them yesterday too. I will go and rescue a few more later if the rain lets off a bit…

Have a great week, with calm weather! 😉