In a Vase on Monday: Ice and Lemon

Feeling the heat? 😉

We’ve been enjoying the warmth under the sunshade on the patio, trying not to move about too much. And whenever I come indoors this refreshing vase, full of frothy zing, catches my eye and has a nice cooling effect. And the work was all done by my sister this week, so thanks go to her and to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this lovely meme.


Grab a cold drink, preferably with ice and lemon, and enjoy the slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


59 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Ice and Lemon

  1. A lovely cool ‘ Tonic’ to go with the Gin on a summers day,Cathy. I like the white Sweet William, I have just planted some seeds for the first time this year, I hope they look that good next year.

  2. A very pretty vase, Susan! Flowers are harmonizing so very well in colours and shapes.Love most the pure white “Sweet William” and the dainty “Alchemilla mollis”.

  3. I love the icy yellow of the Alchemilla and the Aquilegia. The video is a great tool to highlight individual elements too. I hope you get a cool breeze. It’s been hot here too – in fact, it seems to be hot almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere.

    • It’s getting hotter here Kris, and set to stay like this for a week or so. Not much of a breeze today, but perhaps we’ll get a thunderstorm at some stage to cool us down! 😉

  4. Ich habe mir gerade einen kalten Grünen Tee mit Mango geholdt und genieße deine Diashow. Sie ist sehr gut gelungen! Schöne Sommertage für uns alle.

  5. Lovely and most refreshing, Cathy! If that is a sample of colours from your garden, it must be equally pleasant to view on a warm summer’s day 😉

  6. Oh lovely – thanks to you and your sister for sharing. Just what we need today – and isn’t alchemilla a great complementary filler for a whole range of vases?

  7. Stumbled on your blog and this refreshment is just what I needed! It’s been upwards of 90F here in the Northwest–definitely not our usual. So your images are quite welcome. I love the “froth” of the Alchemilla! Great word. And while I usually find yellow flowers warm, that Columbine is deliciously cooling.

    • Everyone seems to be in the same situation right now. It is so hot again here today but the vase is still looking cool! Thank you for visiting Emily!

  8. This is lovely Cathy, and lovely too that your sister is visiting. We are due a mini heat wave here, up to 33 on Wednesday so we are bracing ourselves! How do you create the slideshow?

    • We had 33 Tuesday and a scary 37 is forecast for the weekend…. The slideshow is part of the options in my theme, and is offered when I open my media library.

      • Yikes, we are moving up to 35 today, it’s humid though and then breaking tomorrow. Hopefully your weather will break too, 37 is way to hot.

  9. That vase is a breath of fresh air on a hot evening! The flowers all look so lovely together and would be perfect to accompany a cooling gin & tonic.

    • Thank you Eliza! 🙂 By the way, the doily has been analysed and it will be my next project as soon as I get some coloured yarn… I’m a bit slow with my current project (a poncho – which I certainly do not need in this heat!) but it will be made eventually, so thanks again for the photos! 🙂

  10. Your sister did a great job! I see the lemon and ice without doubt. Sitting under the sunshade and enjoying your beautiful garden sounds just delightful, Cathy! Your photos are, as always, just lovely! 🙂

  11. I just wrote about the heat, too. It’s oppressive.

    This gorgeous vase is so inviting, Cathy. It’s like a cool glass of lemonade and a wonderful collaboration between you and your sister. I hope you’re enjoying your time together.

  12. Oh yes please to the ice and lemon Cathy. I’m glowing! Your sister has conjured up a most cooling visual treat. I will be interested to hear how long the geraniums fare in a vase. I was most impressed by campanula when I picked it.

    • Hi Anna. So you are suffering from the heat too! The Geranium didn’t last long, but everything else is standing up to the heat very well. I suppose I would too if I had my feet in cold water all day…. now there’s a thought! Stay cool! 🙂

  13. lovely flowers and a really restful colour combination 🙂 I like the white sweet william – I’ll have to look out for that 🙂 have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine – it’s hot in Manchester too…

  14. How refreshing, but I’m surprised you cut another one of the yellow aquilegia… although it’s sometimes nicer to enjoy them closer to where you’re sitting, especially if it’s so hot!
    Here we have been on the cool side with almost daily rainstorms. I’m not going to complain, but it does bring on the bugs!

    • Well, I gave my sister a free rein and she obviously liked the aquilegia too. They were flowering so well until the heat hit…. the biting insects are terrible here too!

  15. How beautiful, Alchemilla mollis makes such a lovely frothy setting for your pretty arrangement. I hope you are having a lovely time with your sister.

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