In a Vase on Monday: Bad Hair Day!

As you can see from my photos, it is raining today. This meant a quick dash to pick a few bedraggled stems for my Monday vase, as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again in her challenge to fill a vase every week with materials from our gardens.


Bad Hair Day

When the clematis got tangled up in everything I decided this title was very apt!

As the rain suddenly came on heavier I hurried to fill my vase and then left it outside on the patio table.


A white Cleome, with its spidery foliage, is at the centre along with Perovskia, which has a very wild growth habit in the steep rockery, sprouting out at all angles.


Several different grasses were added, the Miscanthus looking rather fetching, if a little untidy…


And I added some foliage from my ‘monster’ Cosmos that has grown like mad and produced thick stems, but to date not a single flower. Several other people have had the same trouble with cosmos this summer, so I am wondering if the seed was somehow mutated!


The Clematis tangutica has really taken off this year, almost obliterating the obelisk it is growing through. It clearly didn’t mind the heat and drought we had. I love the seedheads just as much as the little yellow flowers.


Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme – do go and visit her to see what she and many others have put in their vases this Monday.


33 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Bad Hair Day!

  1. Best bad hair day I’ve ever come across! Love the clematis seedheads – just made a vase for myself with Dahlias and seedheads of Clematis aromatica (what a star plant!!). Lovely background/table with the rain drops too 🙂

  2. The blue table is gorgeous covered with large rain drops; it rained really heavily here yesterday and today is very blustery. Will you leave your pretty vase outside? Interesting that you’ve had a similar experience to mine regarding the Cosmos – mine are now producing some flowers but very few in caparison with the newly sown ones.

    • I wonder if we all bought our cosmos seed from Thompson and Morgan….??? I did want to leave my vase outside, but it blew over! So I put it in a very prominent place in the house and it still looks great.

  3. You have me smiling Cathy! I commend you for persisting despite the rain. Your photos capture the beauty of the individual components–I really like that white cleome. My cosmos has just begun blooming, a mere three or four flowers–the foliage is wonderful in your vase. Hope you have a great week.

    • Glad I made you smile! 🙂 The lack of flowers on the cosmos was certainly irritating, but you are right – the foliage is rather nice too. Thank goodness I had a couple of other cosmos sorts which are flowering well, even though they were also late. I am hoping the Cleome will seed itself for next year as I like it a lot too. Have a great week too Susie, or should I say weekend now, as I’m a bit behind with replies this week! 😉

  4. I always enjoy this meme – I get to see arrangements with plants I would never think of popping in a vase. Here’s to bad hair days! I love that last photo of the Clematis seed head against the brightness of the table.

    • I wanted to use all the flowers that are tricky to stand in a vase – the Perovskia for example sticks out at odd angles! And the clematis never made it into the vase itself but was just wound around it!

  5. In the rainy late summer garden, it all looks like a bad hair day here…but there is beauty in that crazy hair. Perfect choices Cathy. My cosmos are finally blooming but were almost 4 ft tall before they started their late blooms. I think the weather here delayed mine.

    • Isn’t that odd? My cosmos had more than enough sunlight and are the same – tall and strong, but flowerless. One of the monster plants now has a single bud at the top, so I wonder what the flower will look like! 😉

  6. Love the title – it is a wild vase that seems to match the weather. I love clematis seed heads, they are like characters from Dr. Suess. My spouse calls them “Who-heads!” 😉

  7. You went above and beyond to put your vase together this week, Cathy. The behavior of your cosmos is odd – I’ve never heard of the plant doing that and hope you get at least a few blooms before colder weather arrives. I do envy you the rain, bad hair creator though it may be!

    • Hi Kris. Today was another bad hair day with very strong gusty winds! I think the cosmos will flower soon as it has a big bud at the tip now…. we will see!

  8. I wonder if you looked more bedraggled Cathy working in the rain – your lovely flowers seem to have coped with the down pour very well! I love your plant combinations – real late summer beauty. My cosmos are flowering their socks off – it is very strange that so many people are reporting a lack of flowers – I do think something may have gone wrong with some of the seed this year.

    • Yes, I agree that it does seem too much of a coincidence with the cosmos. The weather has been swinging between calm and sunny September perfection and extremely high wind and showers, but as you say it is still late summer and not autumn yet!

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