September Favourites and 4th Blogging Anniversary!


WordPress sent me a message yesterday to congratulate me on 4 years of blogging… where did those 4 years go?!

To celebrate here are some of my favourite things this September, captured late yesterday afternoon. The sun briefly joined me too.

The photo above is my favourite view at this time of year, with the sun lighting up the dwarf Miscanthus ‘Adagio’. The Acer in the foreground is just starting to change colour, as are the Ceratostigma plumbaginoides below, which provide for gorgeous ground cover till November.


Another favourite is this beautiful Echinacea – supposedly “Orange Passion” but very different from the one I had last year (which the slugs ate) so I was possibly sent the wrong one. I shall call it “Custard Passion”!


The old Tuesday view is looking slightly dishevelled at the moment – a lot of the lavenders have been cut right down, and some will need replacing completely next spring, but I still love looking across the rockery to the acer and the birch trees beyond…


This Rosa rugosa surprised me with a few more flowers – it has kept going all through the summer.


And this Knautia macedonica ‘Mars Midget’ is a real joy – it flowered in July and then I thought it had succumbed to the drought, but as soon as the weather cooled down it started flowering again.


Nearby the Caryopteris is starting to open. The bees love it, and aren’t those tiny petals exquisite?


Finally, a look at some of the plants potted up on my patio, which are giving me great pleasure right now…

What is giving you most pleasure in your garden right now?

Thank you to everyone who reads, likes or comments on my posts – I have had so much fun blogging and sharing thoughts with you over the last 4 years. Here’s to the next 4!


43 thoughts on “September Favourites and 4th Blogging Anniversary!

  1. Hi Cathy. Yes, our garden is very similar now. Things have ‘risen from the dead of drought’ and are flowering like it was spring again! Bees are out in force working away. All the best to you!

    • Thanks Lindsay! Yes, it still doesn’t look everso autumny here either with lush growth wherever I look. But last night was pretty cold, so I suppose that will slow everything down at last.

  2. That first photo is just incredible! I have started redesigning several sections of my garden so it’s in a bit of an upheaval right now. But the asters are still blooming as is my tithonia. 🙂

    • Thanks Jason – that is praise indeed. The plumbago is one of my favourite plants as it just gives so much colour from August onwards. I think the Echinacea is one called “Aloha”.

  3. What a lovely way to commemorate your 4th anniversary. Your garden is still beautiful even this late in the season, Cathy. I am going to enjoy watching your garden transition through fall and into winter. 🙂

    • Thank you Debra. A few leaves are slowly gaining that autumn tinge now after some chilly nights recently. I do look forward to autumn and all its colour though!

  4. Time does fly! It is the rain that is giving me the most pleasure in the garden just now! I have just managed to get to it and start extracting the monster weeds grown during the week of tropical deluge but it is worth it just to get everything well watered before autumn sets in. Amelia

  5. I am a great admirer of both your blog and your garden. Both are always immaculate and beautifully presented. I am sure that your other regular readers who are inspired by your garden look forward to the continuation of your blog. I would also like to add that you are also a generous contributor and your constructive ad supportive comments are always appreciated.

  6. Oh many, many congratulations on your fourth year of blogging Cathy. Somehow it feels that you’ve been around longer than that. It’s always a pleasure to visit. Long may ‘Words and Herbs’ bloom! In answer to your question the artist formerly known as aster ‘Little Carlow’ is giving me most pleasure.

  7. Wow! Congratulations on 4 years of blogging! It seems like yesterday when you celebrated your first year. I love your interesting, funny and tasty blogs – keep on blogging!

  8. I like the texture of that first picture. I counted six different “levels”. I LIKE a view like that. Makes me feel like I’m traveling within the earth, so to speak. And that first picture of the potted plants

    • Thanks Sheryl – yes the garden is looking great considering it is practically October. Soon time for the autumn clean-up as it is getting quite cold at night now. No frosts yet though!

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