In a Vase on Monday: Autumn Shades of Pink


The blue sky has once again made it a fabulous day for taking pictures, and the garden is looking so colourful still – here I have captured some of it in my Monday vase for Cathy’s meme (Rambling in the Garden).


Pink seems to be the predominant colour at the moment with cosmos and sedums, a few roses and my bright pink aster which I decided not to include for fear of blinding you all with pink!


At the base of the vase I scattered the first leaves to fall from our Japanese Acer – can you see the orange leaves in the background?

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The pink vase is new: marked down to make way for the Christmas decorations that are now filling the shelves – and that was in September still!

Here are some photos I just took of the Acer – it is probably at its peak now, and with rainy weather forecast I thought I’d better get some shots quick.

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Now you must visit Cathy, who is also in the pink today with her vase!


51 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Autumn Shades of Pink

  1. Such pretty flowers Cathy. I like the dark pinks of the flowers against the dark red of your new vase. Your garden is really going strong–the acer is great. Enjoy your week.

    • Thank you Susie. That cosmos is the only flower so far from the monster plant that has only just started flowering! It has lots of foliage, and is over a metre tall, but with very cold nights I think it will struggle to produce any more flowers!

  2. You have much better weather than us Cathy, today we have drizzle and I have come in to put another jumper on. Your vase is very pretty – I cant find a slide show on your post, is this me?

    • I hope the slide show works for you now Julie. Perhaps reloading the page will help? We have also got damp weather again today, but I am hoping to get started on planting some bulbs later!

    • Hi Gillian. Yes, the pink in the Miscanthus is only really noticeable if put next to another pink or red flower. Looking at my garden now there seems to be a fine line between pink and orange, as they blend together.

  3. Your vase is stunning. I didn’t grow Cosmos this year, nor any thirsty annuals for that matter, and it missed them the most. They seem to grow wild and free sending out prolific blooms. It’s nice to enjoy your beauties here in the vase along with the other bright pinks and oranges of fall.

    Yes, Christmas in the shops in September has become an all-too common occurrence. I’m turning my back for now. Glad you found yourself a lovely new vase on clearance. I love the unique shape.

    • Hi Alys, it is madness putting Christmas things in the shelves while we haven’t even had Halloween yet. Although Halloween isn’t really celebrated here, but just a commercial ‘season’ to improve sales of anything orange! LOL! I wonder if you could grow the colourful ‘Californian poppies’ without water? The name suggests they would like your climate….

      • I think the only way to stave off the early onslought of Christmas on the shelves is to vote with our pocketbooks. If people refuse to buy anything, then it will no longer be in the store’s interest to display it.

        Halloween is a billion dollar business as well, with candy sales leading the way. Last year we gave out small bags of pretzels to over 300 trick-or-treators at our door. Since there are about 40 children on our street, you can imagine how wide-spread this occassion is.

        California poppies are our state flower and can be seen growing everywhere in the spring. I had a few earlier in the year and should scatter more for next year. Thanks for the thought.

          • I don’t know where they all come from, but they sure are cute in their tiny costumes. Participating in Halloween is of course completely optional, and their are many that simply turn out the lights and don’t answer the door or they go out for the evening.

            I love the festive nature of the evening and though exhausted after three hours of passing out treats, I’m always ready to do it again the following year.

  4. You have sun? Blue skies? Oh you lucky girl. We have woken to a dismal
    grey world today here. I have used pink flowers today too but yours are really sparkling in the light. I like your new vase.

    • Thanks Chloris – blue skies do make a difference, especially with the photography! I always struggle to find enough light for photos indoors in winter.

  5. Great! i was just thinking about pink … (pink-covered hey bales) ๐Ÿ™‚ Pictures become deep with fore- and background like your picture with the acer in the back. Today is still a beautiful autumn day.

  6. Wow – your acer is amazing Cathy! And I like the grasses you have added to your other blooms – your cosmos looks SO pink to me as mine are all pale. but I must try some darker ones next year. Thanks for sharing

  7. Acer’s are one of the beauties of Autumn along with sedums and asters. I look forward to seeing your aster in the future.I like the way you have placed a few leaves along the side of the vase.
    I’m afraid the pink theme is continuing in my vase again this week!

  8. Your vase is very pretty, Cathy, but I love that Japanese maple! They’re marginal performers here, subject to leaf tip burn due to salts in the soil. They also struggle with the heat and the dry conditions. Despite the problems, I have 2 of them but they don’t color up as beautifully as yours either.

    • Our acer is well established now, and coped well with our drought despite my worries. It really is a highlight here in October and we love it too!

    • My yellow helianthus managed to flower after all the heat, but didn’t make much impact this year. Pink is definitely the predominant colour right now!

  9. That Acer is a show-stopper, Cathy! It’s absolutely gorgeous! And all your pretty pinks are beautiful in that lovely vase. I really love that Cosmos! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Debra. We love the acer too! I hope it keeps its leaves another couple of weeks, but they do look pretty lying over the flowerbeds too when they fall. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Christina. After lots of heavy rain mid-week our large acer at the end of the garden is practically bare now, so at least this little one is hanging on to its colours! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sedum always provides interest – I never used to like them much but the insects love them and they are rather colourful in autumn. (And they are tough too!)

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