In a Vase on Monday: Fancy a Cuppa?


Monday has rolled round once again and it is time to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with her meme, which requires us to collect materials from our gardens to bring indoors.

ย I already had my prairie asters in mind for this week’s vase; when my eye caught sight of this teapot in our cabinet, even though the design is actually cornflowers, I felt the colours and mood ideal.

Aster turbinellus


I added some Verbena rigida and Verbena bonariensis…


Scabiosa ochroleuca


… and some Miscanthus ‘Adagio’, Euphorbia myrsinites, and a single white Cosmos ‘Purity’….


This ‘vase’ is lovely and light – almost summery – to beat the grey skies we have at the moment. I didn’t stay outside to drink my tea as it is quite chilly today too!

(Can you see the red acer in the background again? The leaves are dropping now.)


Now take a look at some of the other lovely vases put together by creative people around the globe this Monday at Cathy’s site: Rambling in the Garden

Have a great week, and hope you get a bit more sunshine than us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

55 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Fancy a Cuppa?

  1. The prettiest teapot I’ve seen in a long while, both pot and it’s delightful contents. It looks very civilised round your place Cathy, we may all be popping in for more tea!

  2. What a very pretty teapot that is – and what is the ‘picture’ it is sitting on? The teapot is the most perfect receptacle for the colour of blooms and other material you have included – thank you for introducing it to us!

  3. I’m not sure you could have found a better container, Cathy! I’m very envious of the asters. It seems your flowers don’t mind the chilly weather.

    • The summer annuals are almost past it now Kris, but the perennials are actually enjoying some cool damp weather and should keep going until a frost gets them.

  4. I love your flowers in a teapot. Those colors are among my favorites, too: vibrant “blues” and purples with a touch of white.

    We also have an Acer turning red. They’re stunning trees, aren’t they? Have a good week, Cathy.

      • That is a shame. We had such a dry, warm winter last year that our Acer didn’t even drop most of it’s leaves. It was a bit strange. We’ll see if our forecast-ed El Nino brings about a different winter than the past four. Will you have a steady drop in temperatures now as November approaches?

        • Hi Alys. How odd to have an acer keep some of its leaves all year! Yes, this winter may well be different. Our temperatures usually go down slowly until December when it often gets really cold. But it is different every year here too – we have had extremely mild Christmases the past two or three years and last year hardly any snow at all!

    • Yes, I nearly fooled myself but it is most definitely autumn here too now. The beech are turning buttery yellow and I could literally hear the leaves falling today.

    • Not really Lori! Daytime temperatures this week are around 7ยฐC and the sun has barely made it through the clouds. But low cloud has its positive side – no hard frosts yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Your choice of vase was just perfect for the flowers, really summery looking. Today, Tuesday, in the UK has been really quite warm again after a week of cold wet weather, even tonight it was mild when I had to go out. Have a good week, Christina.

    • Thanks Christina. I missed your vase this week, but read your comment to Cathy that you are surrounded by flowers, so I hope you can enjoy them even if they are not from your own garden. All the best for the rest of your stay and your MIL.

  6. such a pretty arrangement – I love the colours of all these flowers and the grasses add a touch of texture. I love the teapot too – I miss having tea in the garden now.

    • The white cosmos are on my patio, now mostly in shade, and reflect the low light levels nicely so that they catch my eye often and I have to look up to see who/what is moving around (in the breeze) out there!

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