In a Vase on Monday: Taking a Bow

Monday is the day I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden in finding materials from my garden to put in a vase.


The very pale new ostrich fern leaves (Matteuccia struthiopteris) were my starting point this week – they resprouted in September after the August heat had shrivelled and burnt them. They won’t last much longer now though and are already starting to fold up.


As a contrast some strong colours were needed, so I chose some Persicaria/Polygonum amplexicaule ‘Firetail’ and ‘Blackfield’. Both are still flowering well – they just go on and on!


The standard Sedum provided the main block of colour, and some bright scarlet Pineapple Sage flowers add a bit more zing!


The final addition was a couple of sprigs of the Leadwort Ceratostigma plumbaginoides – mainly for its lovely reddish autumn foliage, but also for the way it seems to be taking a bow as if leaving the stage. Which is what all my flowers are doing now…


I wonder if Mr Haslinger (see my post here) will be right about snow in early November….

Do visit Cathy and take a look at all the lovely vases this Monday.

And have a wonderful week!

45 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Taking a Bow

  1. i have now added some additional persicaria (well, some are still in the pots – hopefully they will be planted soon…) to the garden – look out for them in vases next year 🙂 What’s not to like about them – not just the stunning blooms as you have shown today but their long flowering period too. The backdrop of the pale ostrich fern was such a good choice and your photos really do your vase justice – thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you! I shall look forward to seeing those other Persicarias Cathy. They seem to do well in my rockery although I constantly read they like damp ground…

  2. This looks like a farewell-bouqet. The pale fern and the red and opening fireworks in it. I believe we´ll get a cold winter. For a long time, we haven´t had so many acorns. So, let´s have a view on flower colours!

    • Yes, fireworks to celebrate the last bright flowers. We also have many fir trees loaded with cones… is that also a sign of a hard winter to come? 😉 We will see!

  3. A most striking vase Cathy. I like the contrast of the pale fern against the striking colours of the persicaria. I’ve just caught up with your post about Mr Haslinger’s weather forecasting methods which are absolutely fascinating. It will not be long before you can report back whether there has been any white precipitation in early November. There have been several articles in the media over here suggesting that we’re in for the coldest and longest winter since 1962/3 which I can just about remember 🙂

    • Yes, can you believe how quickly October flew by? November is often dreary here, but perfect for Christmas and Advent preparations indoors, so let the snow come! 😉

    • That’s a nice image of a fire. Yes, our small lawn recovered well from the summer, but the large area of grass below is still very patchy. I’m sure it will recover in the spring though.

  4. a very striking arrangement. Persicaria is such a useful plant at this time of year and I love the wire pot/vase.

    • Thank you Ann. I love my Persicaria. The leaves look lovely from May or June onwards, and the flowers from late summer/early autumn are just splendid!

  5. The ostrich fern leaves make a striking contribution to the arrangement Cathy. I have never seen fern leaves that colour. We have ‘Firetail’ in the garden it is a useful plant this time of year.

    • The new fern leaves in spring are usually much darker, so I assume the lack of light is now making them look pale and a bit sickly. I think the Persicarias are all highly underrated and we should plant more!

    • Thanks Eliza! If I am prepared and have the garden ready for winter I think I could quite enjoy a bit of snow in the run-up to Advent and Christmas. At least it brightens everywhere up! 😉

    • Hi Susie, I grow the Pineapple sage in a pot, so it needs watering a lot. It is very forgiving if I forget it though! I wish it was hardy enough to get through the winter as I don’t always manage to find a plant in spring and I just adore those red flowers, as well as the scent when I brush past it.

  6. I saw your great post about Mr Haslingers prediction for the weather. I do hope he is wrong! An interesting mix on your vase this week but how can you bear to cut the ostrich fern of its new foliage?i couldn’t bring myself to do that, it is too beautiful.

    • I have plenty of the ostrich fern Dorris, and it is starting to flop now so I was just in time! As for a hard winter, well it would be nice to get some snow and frost, but not until Easter please!

  7. I love the colors in this one, the yellows and red really explode!
    My pineapple sage finally began to bloom the week before last… and was promptly cut down by a hard freeze 🙂

    • Ahh, what a shame bout your sage. I cheated and bought a young plant in the spring so that I could enjoy the flowers longer. 😉 Still no hard frosts here..

  8. Haven’t been on WP for a while so some catching up to do! Glad I’ve come across this beautiful vase, Cathy. Persicaria lend themselves to bouquets, don’t they. Mine are flowering happily after the summer heat and will probably spread quickly enough so that I can pick some for the vase soon. Love the combination with the bright green fern 🙂

    • My Persicaria ‘Firetail’ has spread well despite being in a very hot and dry spot in the rockery. I love them in vases too and hope my ‘Blackfield’ will now spread as well. The frost has got the fern now, so I was just in time to make the most of it! 🙂

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