In a Vase on Monday: Is it Really November?

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden again this Monday in taking materials from my garden to display inside my home in a vase. This meme has kept my blog ticking over for the past few weeks!

You could be forgiven for thinking it’s still summer around here when you look at this first photo…


But we actually had a frost Saturday night which prompted me to cut some of the last Cosmos flowers on Sunday. They seemed undamaged, being near to the house. I also found that my Hypericum was flowering again after rejuvenating at the end of our summer heatwave!

I added the props just to assure you that it IS November here in Bavaria too!


My little green pumpkin comes out for display every autumn, and the golden Chinese Lanterns – Physalis alkekengi – are dotted around the rockery now, although even they suffered in the summer drought and haven’t produced as many seedheads as usual.


Other items I added to the vase are some Euphorbia – just starting to turn red – some Linaria leaves and buds, and a few fresh Geranium leaves.


The three hazelnuts in the photo were the only ones we salvaged – there were loads of young nuts on the trees in early July, but either the creatures had them or they also succumbed to the heat.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme – do go and visit her!


P:S: I’m glad I prepared my vase a day early, as this morning the frost was even colder and the Cosmos looked like this…



Are there any summer flowers left in your garden? Have you had frost yet?