In a Vase on Monday: Spring in Autumn

With record November temperatures in parts of Germany over the last few days, people are talking about “Spring in Autumn”, and someone even posted a photo of their first Muscari flower! Today it is sunny, windy and 17°C – extremely odd for a November day, but I am not complaining as my roses are blooming again!


Since it is Monday I have cut some of the rose buds  and also gathered some other bits and bobs for my Vase on Monday – the meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


The Euonymus berries are now starting to fade and the bright orange seeds in the centre of the red seed capsule have already been eaten or have dropped. High time to cut a couple of branches for a vase before they fade completely. Its bright foliage is also still looking lovely.


Some of the Japanese Anemone seedheads are still looking pretty and fluffy, so I added a couple of them too.


The big green leaves are Hellebore, and the grass is my favourite Miscanthus sinensis “Adagio” – this looks good for months on end and has a lovely compact growth and shape.

And the roses…

Finally, a bonus vase: I only removed the Geraniums and annuals on my front step the other day, so here are the leftovers of my summer pots. 🙂

I wonder how long this weather will last…

Do go and visit Cathy this week as it is the second anniversary of this meme!

Wishing you all a mild and sunny week!