In a Vase on Monday: Spring in Autumn

With record November temperatures in parts of Germany over the last few days, people are talking about “Spring in Autumn”, and someone even posted a photo of their first Muscari flower! Today it is sunny, windy and 17°C – extremely odd for a November day, but I am not complaining as my roses are blooming again!


Since it is Monday I have cut some of the rose buds  and also gathered some other bits and bobs for my Vase on Monday – the meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


The Euonymus berries are now starting to fade and the bright orange seeds in the centre of the red seed capsule have already been eaten or have dropped. High time to cut a couple of branches for a vase before they fade completely. Its bright foliage is also still looking lovely.


Some of the Japanese Anemone seedheads are still looking pretty and fluffy, so I added a couple of them too.


The big green leaves are Hellebore, and the grass is my favourite Miscanthus sinensis “Adagio” – this looks good for months on end and has a lovely compact growth and shape.

And the roses…

Finally, a bonus vase: I only removed the Geraniums and annuals on my front step the other day, so here are the leftovers of my summer pots. 🙂

I wonder how long this weather will last…

Do go and visit Cathy this week as it is the second anniversary of this meme!

Wishing you all a mild and sunny week!

51 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Spring in Autumn

  1. And here too in Lancashire NW England. But we have rain with the wind… no sun today! I love your tall vase with seed heads and grasses AND your bonus vase. Some of my big pots of Geraniums are still outside. I will move them into the greenhouse if the temperature drops. No sign of that happening in the next few days.

    • I could have left my geraniums out a bit longer, but the misty nights and mornings were not good for them. I usually just take cuttings, but this year I will try to overwinter some in the cool garage. (I don’t have a greenhouse!)

  2. Thank you for all your support over the two years of the meme, Cathy – we are all in it together! Mild and damp here too, although there was a cooler breeze today. The foliage and grass you have included are the perfect foil for the roses and the euonymous berries – and I love to see the fluffy anemone seedheads! Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Cathy. I wanted to keep a few more seedheads for vases this year, but so many got burnt in the summer and have collapsed already – the Anemones are the last ones standing! Yes, I was pleased to find some of the Euonymus still had red foliage on.

  3. Lovely arrangement! I especially like the pink roses – they look like spring to me. I’m glad that the weather is still mild even though Mr. Haslinger predicted an early winter.

  4. I’m glad you are having some of the amazingly good weather we are having here. Love your vases this week, they seem a bit different to your usual style. Isn’t it amazing that it is 2 years since Cathy started this!

    • Time has flown by hasn’t it! I didn’t join in with the Monday vases right from the start, but think I must have been on board for a good 18 months. Still very mild here. Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts as it is usually grey and foggy all through November!

  5. I love how the berries and the rose buds complement one another, Cathy. And the foliage provides a great foil for them both. I hope you continue to enjoy good weather and the bounty it brings to your garden. Autumn is often described as our second spring here in southern California, although until recently it still felt like summer. Even now, we’re expecting it to hit the low 80sF (26-27C) by the end of the week.

    • Autumn berries, red foliage and roses are not always easy to coordinate, but we seem to have it all right now! 🙂 I do hope it cools down a bit for you soon and you get some rain…

    • Thanks Chloris. Yes, the roses are extra special when they flower at this time of year. And to think I nearly got rid of that rose bush a couple of years ago!

    • We have had such lovely blue skies this autumn – most unusual but also very welcome! Rain would be welcome here too, but I’m sure we will get our fair share pretty soon.

  6. It is on the warm side here too Christina but very, very wet in the north west of England and in Scotland. I most taken by the euonymus foliage. Do you know which variety it is?

    • Hi Anna, the Euonymus is the plain old E. europaeus. It grows wild in the hedges everywhere here, and some has even found its way into the garden. The hedgerows look lovely with it from late September onwards although the foliage is usually gone by now.

  7. It is so lovely to see your autumnal vase set against that stunning blue sky Cathy! It does seem strange though to have such high temperatures in November. I am still going out without a coat, although the trees have largely dropped their leaves here and my cutting garden is shutting down early.

  8. Wow, your weather has been really mild. I can’t believe you still have annuals in November! I’ve heard that a lot of plants are confused by the warm temps and have sent up blooms. I expect it saps the strength of the perennials…not so good.
    Your roses are lovely, as is the spindle berry, looks good with the burgundy foliage.

  9. Those Muscari are very confused! I am enjoying this mild autumn – winter is always so very long, so I am making the most of the summer annuals (I still have sweet pea flowers) and enjoying your beautiful flowers in a vase. Congratulations to all contributors on the 2nd anniversary of this very enjoyable meme!

    • Hi Sarah. It is still warm today, and I have a confused primula in my garden, flowering and sending up buds! You are right, let’s make the most of it and enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

  10. Cathy I am happy you have the warm weather now…it has left and we are rainy, chilly and definitely autumn is here, but I am hopeful that the flowers still blooming last for weeks to come especially the roses as they are budding like crazy after our warm week

  11. Oh my goodness…rosebuds! What an extraordinary thing in mid-November. The weather is strange around the world. I’m glad you’re ejoying a delay to the colder climates, and making your home beautful week be week with your garden charmers. Such fun.

    • The same happened here Frank – 2 or 3 freezing nights got a lot of plants, but since then it has been really mild. Still, the shorter days are very noticeable out there now.

  12. It’s also very warm down here in Devon although it has been wet. Today I noticed two mahonia bushes in full flower with several honeybees enjoying the feed. Also new flowers on a honeysuckle hedge.

    • That is early for the Mahonia – we have had some flower at Christmas before now, but certainly not in November. It’s lovely to see flowers still, isn’t it. No bees around here now though.

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