In a Vase on Monday: Wrapping up for Winter

Winter has arrived here in Bavaria, and although we have only had a dusting of snow around here, some regions on higher ground have had a good 50cm or more. The sudden drop in temperatures at the end of last week was a shock after such a mild autumn, even making the violas hang their heads…


..but with the Christmas markets opening at the end of this week it is high time we had some wintry weather.

For Cathy’s Monday Vase meme this week (Rambling in the Garden) I gathered a few bits of greenery and berries from the garden and used some of the leftovers from last week’s vase (which lasted very well). Wrapped around the vase (to keep it warm?!) is some of the Lamium from last week, and a long strand of ivy.


The photos outside were slightly better on this grey and chilly afternoon…


I made up the vase with a long piece of Laurel, a Blackthorn twig covered in moss and lichen, Hazel catkins, Ivy and some of that lovely soft grey-green Marrubium vulgare – still used today in herbal remedies for coughs and bronchial ailments. You can just see a little of the remaining snow in the background above.

Then I put a few Berberis berries (what prickly stuff!) in a pot with some Hakonechloa (which was being squashed by wet snow) and brought some cheerful colour into my kitchen. 🙂


Cathy is so dedicated that she has again posted a vase while away from home today. Do go and visit her and see what she and all the other Monday vase fanatics have found this November day.

Have a good week and wrap up warm!

37 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Wrapping up for Winter

    • Thank you for your kind comment Donna! The ivy lasts for ages even without water and I am so impressed I will probably use some on my Christmas wreath.

  1. We will celebrate Thanksgiving later this week and I am making the floral/greenery centerpieces from mostly found things from our yard & neighborhood. This weeks vase full of greenery is great inspiration!

    • Belated Happy Thanksgiving Deb! I should have loved to see your table decoration. 🙂 There is always something green I can bring indoors, even in the depths of winter.

  2. We have chilly weather here too, your greenery vase is lovely Cathy and quite inspiring as like your flowers any here have drooped in the weekends icy blast.

    • The glossy leaves of the laurel are especially lovely for indoor decoration in winter, and this vase has given me more ideas for Advent decorations too!

  3. I love your greenery vase, especially the way you have wrapped ivy and lamium around it. Beautiful. It’s been very chilly here, too, this weekend (brr) although we’ve not had snow here on the coast.

  4. It has turned cold here too; it was 10° C at 4pm this afternoon but felt colder than that to me. I like your cheerful vase, red berries are always cheerful aren’t they?

    • I always feel guilty when I pick berries, as I know the birds love them later in the winter. Still, we have plenty this year and the neighbourhood puts out enough feed for the birds to get fat! 🙂 Our temperatures have been hovering around freezing point all week, and it has just started to snow. I hope it settles a little as I am visiting the Christmas market later and it does add to the atmosphere. 🙂

    • Hi Brian. Yes the catkins are always well- formed by now and I am sure you will find some too. Occasionally they start opening in January, but it usually takes another couple of months for the pollen to start flying.

  5. Wrapping your vase in ivy is a clever idea, Cathy! I’m sorry that winter has discovered you already and hope you stay warm. You’d have no trouble here, where it might as well be summer (except that most of my flowers are in hiding).

    • Hi Kris. I do enjoy the run- up to Christmas even more if we have a sprinkling of snow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. 😉 It has been around freezing point all week, but we have good heating and a fire for when it gets really cold.

  6. Sounds like you were ready for winter to arrive Cathy. I like you collection of greens and textures–very creative. Especially smart of you to include the moss and lichen covered twig.

    • Hi Susie. That twig looked so lovely for around 24 hours and then the dry warmth of the house just made all that green moss and lichen turn brown. The beauty of moss, however, is that it will turn green again if given water, so I shall put the twig outside later and use it again one day! 😉

  7. I love the closeup of the moss and lichen encrusted branch in your header photo, something I always notice on my walks. I like the ivy twining around your vase, it’s a nice creative touch. I can see that we will have to get super creative to post vases through the winter!

    • There is a lot of lichen and moss here as we get very moist autumn and winter air before it really freezes. It is quite welcome when green becomes a rarer colour to find. I am finding that the more I experiment with ‘vases’ the easier it gets to be creative, and I get so much encouragement from you all! Thanks Eliza!

  8. I think it might have been a tad colder here at home than it was in Edinburgh while we were away, Cathy – the thermometer in the larger greenhouse had recorded a low of minus 2.6C… brrr! I love your idea of wrapping ivy round your vase which reminded me I don’t make nearly as much use of the ivy here as I should as it is so versatile. You were very brave picking the berberis – but like you say, it will brighten your kitchen!

    • Thanks Cathy. Yes, Berberis is one of my least favourite shrubs, but it does look very pretty at the moment. I think ivy will be a staple in my winter vases – it is so versatile and we have plenty! 😉

  9. Your photos really reflect the cold, Cathy. The colors are beginning to be more subdued and winter appears to have arrived! It must get harder and harder to apply artistry to your vase collections, but you do so well. They are still very appealing. Light dustings of snow certainly set the stage for what is to come. 🙂 I hope the garden gets a good winter’s rest, and you enjoy the time as well. Your gardening skills will kick into gear when it all thaws! 🙂

    • I do love working in the garden, but the winter break is welcome and the garden will need no attention for at least 3 months now. Time to get stuck into a good book! 😉

  10. Both your vases say Winter has arrived…but so very beautiful. I love the green one best, if you had to make me choose…so much variation and texture. The red one is cheery!

    • Thank you Noelle. The vase full of greenery has really grown on me as the week has gone on, and has given me some ideas for my Christmas decorations too. 🙂

  11. These are simply gorgeous! So fresh, I love your compositions in green with all of the beautiful bits left in your garden. I’m inspired! What a lovely way to use ivy, wound around the vase! And your branch flocked in vibrant moss is so green and alive, a beautiful touch in this vase. Thank you for sharing this, Cathy!

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