4th December 2015: A Barbara Branch

Today is the day I nip out into the garden, regardless how inclement the weather, and snip a branch or two of an early flowering shrub or tree to put in a vase.


In the hope that, according to tradition, it will flower by Christmas Eve!

Since my dwarf cherry tree is still very small, I chose some Forsythia again this year – it is cheerful, reliable, and does not shed irritating pollen like the hazel catkins I sometimes bring in.

Here it is today…


And I will of course do an update at Christmas. On the right are a few green strands of Kerria japonica – I have no idea if any flowers will appear (I doubt it!), but I do hope that at least a few leaves will sprout.

And here are a couple of past “Barbara Branches”, the tradition of which can be read about in this post here.


Barbarazweig 2014


Barbarzweig 2012

So go on now, out you go with the shears and join me in picking a piece of spring!