In a Vase on Monday: Getting in the Festive Mood

We had lovely sunshine this morning once the mist had risen, so I was able to meander around the garden this week and choose at leisure some materials for my Monday vase… the meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


With Fennel stars, Euonymus and Hazel baubles, and a few berries from Cotoneaster and Berberis, the collection of evergreens and stems took on a festive look.

The shiny Mahonia and laurel leaves are my alternative to Holly, which doesn’t appear to grow well around here. And the sprigs of fir are ideal for the festive mood too.

Are you getting into the festive mood yet?

Have a great week!

48 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Getting in the Festive Mood

  1. Eine delikate Vase! Die filigralen Fenchelzweige in Kombination mit den Tannen und anderen gefällt mir sehr gut! I found Holy gone wild in the woods. I am in the mood for advent.

  2. You found just the rights bits in your garden for your festive display, Cathy. With temperatures back around 80F/26C and so much work yet to accomplish in the garden before the rains (hopefully) come, it’s been harder to get in a holiday mindset here but the calendar is a good reminder that I need to get cracking with holiday preparations!

    • It always seems to creep up on me too, but the garden at least requires no attention at this time of year, even though it hasn’t been terribly cold yet.

  3. Sunny morning here too – but my vase was photographed yesterday in the damp! I love your alternatives to more traditional festive material – lots of ideas to share here. The fennel stars are great!

  4. We’ve had warm sunshine here today and it still does not feel at all like December, I need to produce some lovely vases like yours Cathy, then I’m sure the festive mood will follow!

    • The sunshine was so lovely, but not at all warm! Yes, a seasonal vase, baking Christmas cookies, and some Christmassy music have been getting me in the right mood!

  5. Very festive indeed, Cathy. Your sunshine and blue skies is a welcome sight. I’ve been in Devon and Somerset for a week and have only had tiny glimpses of the sun through a very grey and heavy sky.

  6. What a beautiful arrangement, Cathy! I also love these wild festive bouquets that do not seem very ”arranged”. And, yes, I have already picked stuff form my garden – rose hips, hazelnut flowers, ivy berry, seed heads etc. to have them at hand for the festive arrangements.

  7. Your arrangement is so pretty, Cathy, and really looks festive with the WordPress snowflakes! I am not sure what the spiky stem in the last large photo is, but I really like the way you’ve used it in the arrangement. You’ve given me some excellent ideas about using all the elements in the garden, even those that have lost their blooms! I really admire your creativity!

    • Oh, you are a flatterer Debra! Thank you! 😀 That spiky flower is the seedheads of fennel. They stay upright all winter if we don’t get snow, but then need cutting down in spring for new growth. The stems still smell deliciously of aniseed. 😉

  8. What a lovely arrangement! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but now I see you have snowflakes! I am feeling extremely festive, despite the warm weather telling me that Christmas can’t possibly be here for another 6 weeks.

    • The weather is not festive here either Sarah, and doesn’t look like it will get much colder before Christmas now. So I am now hoping for a snowy January instead! 😉

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