Cheeky Chico

We have had snow!


I have just returned after the holidays, actually hoping to see a few snowdrops and maybe even some daffodil shoots, but I will have to be patient now. My Amaryllis/Hippeastrum are currently providing a cheerful display instead. This one is called “Chico” – rather apt as I do think it looks quite cheeky!


Planted up on the 9th of October, it started flowering around December 26th and is now in full bloom. Another shoot has appeared too. I have never seen one quite like this and I think it’s lovely.

What do you think of it? Perhaps you prefer the more traditional large red ones?

Oh, and in case I haven’t already met you in the blogging world this year:

Happy 2016!

Wishing you and your garden a fabulous new year!

66 thoughts on “Cheeky Chico

    • The snow is now starting to melt Susie…. just a brief cold spell it seems. The snowdrops have been stopped in their tracks as they were already showing shoots. In England I saw daffodils in bloom!

    • I do love the big showy amaryllis, but this one is so different and has quite enchanted me! In any case it is nice to have something flowering now winter has finally arrived. πŸ™‚

    • After reading your last post I was hoping to see some signs of spring in my garden too on my return… but the snow came the day I travelled back!

  1. I like this one a lot! I did not know that amaryllis could look so exotic – like an orchid! My traditional ones are only coming into bloom now, as I got a late start with them. Keeps me content while the snow takes over the outdoor garden!

    • Hi Elizabeth. I had no idea there are so many varieties with unusual petals. I have planted several different ones this winter too, so hopefully will have more pretty blooms to share soon. They vary so much with how long they need from planting to flowering, so I am glad they are not all out at once!

  2. Hi Cathy, welcome in 2016! I had to laugh. Today I have not photographed our red Amaryllis in front of the snow scenery, because the petals looked so poor. I look at yours and doesnΒ΄t have more red on it. But yours is fresh!! πŸ™‚
    Happy new year with snow!

    • Happy New Year Uta! I should have some more amaryllis flowers to share soon too. The snow is turning to slush here… I hope it either freezes or melts completely!

  3. Happy New Year Cathy, I was quite envious of your snow, we have English drizzle and rain! Chico is very cheerful and striking, I could happily give that a home.

    • I was in England until Sunday and the mild damp weather lulled me into believeing spring might have arrived in Bavaria too. Oh well, gardeners are known for their patience! πŸ˜‰

      • We are due much colder weather next week, but today on a walk we saw wild plum blossom in flower, it must be better to have the cold first. I keep on recalling your post about the chap who predicted a very cold winter and that may still be around the corner for us.

  4. Oh gorgeous Cathy! Happy new year too! Snow? Lucky you! It’s rain here and more rain and more rain…after the most balmy December. 1st January and the weather changed. Just like that! Enjoy the flakes!

    • Hi Lindsay. I’m not sure the snow will last long as it is above freezing point – we even had a little sunshine yesterday and the light is such a nice change from the normal grey of winter!

    • I hadn’t realized just how many different shaped amaryllis there are… I have another unusual one in bud, which I will also share once it flowers, so I may completely convince you yet!

    • Hi Gerrie. Amaryllis may not be well- known in your part of the world, but they are an indoor plant – in the northern hemisphere they are often planted up for Christmas or late winter flowers. I am afraid my garden is completely dormant at this time of year!

  5. I think my garden is off to a good start, Cathy. We had so much rain today! I was at work and kept thinking of my garden and how the drenching was satisfying the poor thirsty plants. Your amaryllis is really exotic looking and I’ve never seen this variety before! I hope your Christmas in England provided all the comforts of a return to family. And a very happy 2016 to you, too, my friend.

    • And it probably would grow in your garden, whereas mine has to be protected from cold weather and is traditionally grown indoors here in winter. I have just got a new garden catalogue offering summer amaryllis bulbs for outdoors though…. I may just have to try them!

  6. I’ve admired ‘Chico’ and other cybisters in various catalogues Cathy but have never grown them. Yours looks most striking. I’m glad to see snow in your photo πŸ™‚ Maybe winter is finally arriving?

    • I planted up seven amaryllis in the autumn Anna, and number three is just about to flower. I had to order from several different suppliers to find more unusual sorts. They keep me going through the winter!

  7. Very exotic! I love it, but this year I also tried a few new ones and I think it would look out of place among the fat doubles I bought. Have you ever grown the doubles? I’m not sure if I’ll like them…

    • I have grown all sorts over the years, but chose a couple of more elegant ones this year in addition. Since they are practically the only plants I can get to flower in winter I am not terribly fussy about how over-the-top they can be! πŸ˜‰

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