In a Vase on Monday: Defrosted

The big freeze of last week has passed (although it is still very cold and damp) so I ventured into the soggy garden this morning to see what was still standing or intact – everything was dripping from melted snow and the wet morning fog. But I was determined to contribute a vase again for Cathy‘s weekly meme.

I included the following: Vinca, an Aruncus seedhead, Sedum, Euphorbia, Japanese Anemone seedheads, two Bergenia leaves and some reddish Epimedium foliage.


After everything had dried out a bit indoors it looked rather triste, having lost that sparkly effect, so I added a sparkly Christmas card I had saved, and a dried Hydrangea flower cut from a friend’s garden last autumn.


There is also a pressed flower on the wooden board – I think it is sorrel – that I had recently rediscovered in an old flower press.

Light levels are very low today, and I think this vase is representative of the predominant reddish browns that are beginning to show through the patchy snow.


 It may not be much, but the fact that I managed to put together a vase from outdoor plants has certainly brightened the day. As has the next Amaryllis that flowered this past week: ‘Rosy Star’, actually looking a bit peachy in the lamplight here!

What is brightening your day right now?

Do go and visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. I look forward to seeing what others find for their vases each week too.