In a Vase on Monday: Defrosted

The big freeze of last week has passed (although it is still very cold and damp) so I ventured into the soggy garden this morning to see what was still standing or intact – everything was dripping from melted snow and the wet morning fog. But I was determined to contribute a vase again for Cathy‘s weekly meme.

I included the following: Vinca, an Aruncus seedhead, Sedum, Euphorbia, Japanese Anemone seedheads, two Bergenia leaves and some reddish Epimedium foliage.


After everything had dried out a bit indoors it looked rather triste, having lost that sparkly effect, so I added a sparkly Christmas card I had saved, and a dried Hydrangea flower cut from a friend’s garden last autumn.


There is also a pressed flower on the wooden board – I think it is sorrel – that I had recently rediscovered in an old flower press.

Light levels are very low today, and I think this vase is representative of the predominant reddish browns that are beginning to show through the patchy snow.


 It may not be much, but the fact that I managed to put together a vase from outdoor plants has certainly brightened the day. As has the next Amaryllis that flowered this past week: ‘Rosy Star’, actually looking a bit peachy in the lamplight here!

What is brightening your day right now?

Do go and visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. I look forward to seeing what others find for their vases each week too.


39 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Defrosted

  1. This meme really does prove that we all have a good chance of finding something to pick in our gardens all through the year and I’m amazed by the pleasure it brings.

  2. Yes, well done for going out and finding somethng to bring in – that’s what it is all about. The hydrangea head injects that subtle hint of colour and your vase encourages us to look closer at the different constituents rather than just the overall effect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think it’s quite intrepid of you to forage in your cold, soggy garden! Your vignette captures nature at this point in time, with one foot still firmly planted in winter. I hope you get warmer and drier weather soon, Cathy!

  4. It is exactly what has happened to me today!I have been so happy to find something to put in my vase in a garden covered with snow and after 2 weeks of very frosty nights.Great vase, thanks for sharing it, Cathy!

  5. The big freeze has come and gone here too Cathy and it’s now unseasonably balmy again. I especially like the seed heads in your vase which seem to sparkle like the card.

  6. I admire your determination to create a vase despite the lack of vibrancy in the garden right now. As you can see, I haven’t been so determined. 😉
    Love your amaryllis this week – so pretty!

    • Mine always fade too Marian, but these from my friend’s garden have always remained that lovely deep pink. I have cut a few of them over past years and managed to keep them for months. 🙂

  7. Wonderful! Winter has it’s own magic! Here in California we have a pause between the rains. The old and tangled rosebush tried to bloom and then the rains came. It will try again, it seems to survive everything nature and man dishes out.

  8. Only goes to show that there’s always something out there even after such rotten weather. I like your vase, very apt for January. Lovely idea too for the xmas card, shall remember that! 🙂

  9. Great textures and shapes in the “rescues” you brought indoors. I love that you added the little pressed flower. Was thinking I should press a few of my pansies when they pick up again.

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