In a Vase on Monday: Pansy Love

Monday, and despite more wind and rain today I gathered a few flowers for a vase to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with her Monday meme.


Pickings are few – only from the patio containers near the house. But the pansies/violas never fail to please for so many of the winter days. The German name for these, translated, is “little step mothers”! (Stiefmütterchen) The official explanation for this name is actually disappointing – no wonderful legend attached, simply botanical logic: the wide petal at the base is the “mother”, and partly covers the “daughters” at the side, which also in turn partly cover the upper two “step-daughters”.

Vase1st2I added a silver leaf (the name of which I always forget) and a purply red Heuchera leaf too.

February is the month when the light noticeably returns, but until then candles are a comforting addition to a windowsill or the table at teatime. However, I have a few candles, like this one, that serve a purely decorative purpose and have never been lit. The wall decoration is actually a tea towel – a gift from my neighbour – I love it so much though that it has been hung above my ironing board.



I wonder what everyone else has found for their Monday vase this week. Do go and visit Cathy and take a look too.