In a Vase on Monday: Rolling On

Another Monday rolls round and I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden in her wonderful meme once again. My vase this week was inspired by a comment I wrote on Christina’s vase this morning, which ended with the words “Roll on spring!” (And my prop is a large marble which kept rolling around too!)


The test tube vase is ideal for small flowers that need elevating a bit – particularly Hellebores. There are a mix of white, cream and pink ones, and a yellow one that refuses to open is in there somewhere too.


The gorgeous crocuses have been shut tight the past few days, teasing me with their hint of colour. But within five minutes of being indoors they opened so wide – I could almost watch them. The snowdrops needed a bit longer but are now open completely too. I also put in a couple of purple primulas from my “Carnival” primula that has creamy white, yellow and purple flowers all on one plant. Strangely enough the yellow ones have all been nibbled by something, but the purple ones are intact… food for thought!


I shall be glad when the light levels improve, as using the flash on my camera produces unreal images:

The crocus is so beautiful. I wonder how long it will last in a vase. I know the Hellebores usually flop within a couple of days too, but for the moment I shall enjoy them to the full. 🙂


A note about my lovely green marble: chosen with great difficulty from an array of marbles in the little gift shop at a marble mill down in the mountains not far from Salzburg. There is a little information about it here in English if you are interested, or here (with a rather wobbly video!). Somewhere I would love to visit again one day, and walk the rocky path along the narrow gorge right up to the top… in warmer weather of course! 🙂

Roll on Spring!