In a Vase on Monday: At a Snail’s Pace

Spring is taking its time this year, and despite a mild winter the temperatures have barely risen above about 6 or 7°C in the past weeks, often colder with wintry showers. So there is still not much flowering in my garden apart from Hellebores, Crocuses and Snowdrops. But I enjoy participating in Cathy’s meme every week, where I am challenged to find something for a vase… go and visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for a touch of magic today.

Hellebores last Wednesday…


Yesterday a friend gave me a bunch of Pussy Willow catkins, which I decided to team up with some Hazel catkins, a few twigs of Forsythia (which should eventually open indoors), and a couple of red Cornus twigs.


One reason for my title today is to lament the rate at which Spring is so  s l o w l y  arriving, but another reason is the other gifts my friend gave me yesterday…


Two beautifully hand-painted snail shells that she found at a craft fair…


Aren’t they lovely?!

(Thank you again Elisabeth!)


The Hazel catkins are actually going over now, although they are still dropping some pollen.

Of course, I had to bring in more Hellebores while I was outside this morning, and here are just a few I floated as an “extra” today…


The actual vase itself was a Christmas present from my dear Man of Many Talents, and it is still patiently waiting for some Forsythia flowers to go in it!


I wonder if you have brought any flowers indoors this week…