In a Vase on Monday: And Then There were Two

When I walked down the garden this morning one daffodil had opened. And by the time I had walked back another one had opened! Both are now in my Monday vase, as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden in gathering material from my garden to bring indoors.


The gorgeous deep red Hellbores I have shown before are a feature today too, along with a single yellow Hellebore. I added the lovely Forsythia that I cut last Monday which opened indoors within just a few days, and the Pussy Willow from last week was also recycled.


The blue sky is wonderful, but deceptive – there is a biting wind today and it still feels rather cold even though the thermometer showed 10°C at lunch time.


Spring is certainly here at last!

Have a sunny week everyone!

48 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: And Then There were Two

  1. Lovely Cathy. A real taste of spring. The weather is sunny here too but the air is cold, I’m in the mountains near Florence where it is colder than at home I think.

  2. Bringing spring into the house is a great way to enjoy when the wind is blowing though the skies are blue. Those blue skies do lift our spirits though, don’t they?

  3. I love that yellow hellebore! The pussywillows always make me sigh – it’s another plant that occupies the garden of my dreams but, in reality, my climate is inhospitable.

  4. The second daffodil probably thought when you had walked past it is safe to open. Well…. Now it is part of a lovely arrangement!

  5. Most considerate of those daffies to wait for a Monday before opening their flowers Cathy. I like that look on the duck’s face. Those uplifting blue skies were here too today.

    • Hi Anna. That duck stands on the shelf where I keep my vases and literally fell into my arms on Monday (luckily not on the floor) as I took one vase out, so I decided he should join in the fun for once!

  6. Hurrah for spring – even if it is still chilly! I am still gardening wrapped up well this week but the light is so much brighter and there are signs of life all over the garden. Your vase is so lovely – a real welcome to spring!

    • My garden tidying up was brought to a standstill this morning Julie – by several inches of snow! Brrr! It has mostly melted now though. The spring light is noticeable here too now.

  7. I love the colors and oh the pussy willows are fabulous….your spring has jumped ahead. Here we are going to be slowly moving as it is supposed to snow and get cold next week….although I bet it is short lived.

    • And yet again we seem to be having the same weather patterns. Our cool spring has brought a mix so far – bright sunshine on Monday, followed by snow today, and more sunshine and warmer temperatures again by Thursday!

  8. Aw, thanks for sharing your first daffodils! And it is nice to see that material is being recycled from previous vases, especially buds that have opened since being cut. Those pussy willows look so tactile – haven’t seen any in the flesh for a long time 😦 They all look great against that blue sky but we are admiring them without your cold wind! 😉

  9. I love your lovely vase and header. Absolutely beautiful! But I´m a little bit sad that the first signs of spring in our garden now are covered with snow.

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