In a Vase on Monday: Ding Dong!

The Easter Bells are ringing!

Yes, the German name for daffodils is Easter Bells (Osterglocken) and they are perfectly timed for Easter this year too. I know many people have been enjoying daffs for some months now, but mine are just getting going with such a cool spring. So here is my vase for Cathy’s meme this week.


The porcelain bells are meant for hanging on an Easter branch – many Germans hang painted eggs or other decorations on hazel branches or twigs as an indoor decoration. And the well on the town square is also decorated with greenery, but sadly they use gaudy plastic eggs so I will spare you a photo of it!

The sun came out for my photos, but it is still far too cold…


The tulip ‘Early Harvest’ is at its best now. The stalks have grown a bit longer and the flowers will keep going for ages unless we have a heatwave… at least that is one advantage of a cool spring!


I added a few sprigs of golden Euonymus and Vinca, and a couple of white hellbores.


 I wonder what colours are dominant in your garden right now – do you have spring yellows and oranges too?

Go and visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and see what she and everyone else has put in a vase this Monday.