In a Vase on Monday: Sunshine and Blue Skies?

It has been a lovely relaxing long weekend, with a bit of sunshine, partially blue skies, and of course some delicious food!

I managed to squeeze in enough time for a vase too, so the house has been full of flowers all week – a beautiful spring bouquet from my sister, a bunch of cheerful tulips from a neighbour, and then this gorgeous vase full of Forsythia.



As you can see I have made good use of the Forsythia vase – I love the bee printed on the back! I picked this Forsythia last Monday to bring indoors, and it was open by Thursday. The Forsythia in the garden didn’t quite make it for Easter, but is showing a little colour, and with our temperatures set to rise it should be open in a few days too.

I also decided to pick one of the beautiful Anemone coronaria. And that gave me the idea for the title of my Monday vase this week.


I used a Violet, some Scillas and Glory-of-the-snow, and pale blue Puschkinia (another type of Scilla I think). The background is a glass plate, painted to depict bluebell woods, which catches the light so well on my windowsill.

Finally, another splash of yellow to celebrate my first Cowslips opening. The cowslip is Wildflower of the Year in Germany. (See my post here)


To complement it I added various small Daffodils, a sprig of Buxus, and a single golden Crocus.


The sun was actually shining when I picked the flowers, but has been hiding behind clouds on and off ever since.

I hope you also had a good weekend. Special thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting even on Easter Monday – go and visit her and see what she and everyone else has brought in from their gardens this week.

Thanks for visiting!