In a Vase on Monday: Sunshine and Blue Skies?

It has been a lovely relaxing long weekend, with a bit of sunshine, partially blue skies, and of course some delicious food!

I managed to squeeze in enough time for a vase too, so the house has been full of flowers all week – a beautiful spring bouquet from my sister, a bunch of cheerful tulips from a neighbour, and then this gorgeous vase full of Forsythia.



As you can see I have made good use of the Forsythia vase – I love the bee printed on the back! I picked this Forsythia last Monday to bring indoors, and it was open by Thursday. The Forsythia in the garden didn’t quite make it for Easter, but is showing a little colour, and with our temperatures set to rise it should be open in a few days too.

I also decided to pick one of the beautiful Anemone coronaria. And that gave me the idea for the title of my Monday vase this week.


I used a Violet, some Scillas and Glory-of-the-snow, and pale blue Puschkinia (another type of Scilla I think). The background is a glass plate, painted to depict bluebell woods, which catches the light so well on my windowsill.

Finally, another splash of yellow to celebrate my first Cowslips opening. The cowslip is Wildflower of the Year in Germany. (See my post here)


To complement it I added various small Daffodils, a sprig of Buxus, and a single golden Crocus.


The sun was actually shining when I picked the flowers, but has been hiding behind clouds on and off ever since.

I hope you also had a good weekend. Special thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting even on Easter Monday – go and visit her and see what she and everyone else has brought in from their gardens this week.

Thanks for visiting!

44 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Sunshine and Blue Skies?

  1. Oh Cathy these are tantalizing….all those forsythias…and the blue flowers…be still my heart! I am just seeing my blue flowers blooming now. And oh the daffs. Waiting for those to bloom. First one is just breaking bud….have a great week Cathy!

  2. Oh yes, they definitely make me think of blue skies and sunshine. The blues are astonishingly intense and as always I am amazed at how special forsythia looks in a vase. Isn’t it lovely to know that we can pick shrubby plants like this in bud and they will open in due course when in a vase? Thnaks for sharing and here’s hoping for more more sunshine and blue skies!

    • After a few very cold days again the sun has finally gained strength and we are getting lots of blue skies! The Anemone lasts very well in a vase and I shall have to use that again some time.

  3. Yellow and blue are such lovely colours, and the brighter light of spring, and the longer days are just what we need just now. Your arrangements are beautiful, and that glass panel with the bluebell woodland scene is so original.

    • Hi Noelle. You are right, it is not only the longer hours of daylight but also the brightness that makes such a difference. The sun is finally getting stronger and we have had higher temperatures at last!

  4. Lovely how spring is represented in your vases here today. I love all the yellow and blue/violet! We’re right behind you, today’s rain and tomorrow’s warm temps are sure to push things right along!

      • We had warm temps past few days, great for the garden, then rain today. Clearing tonight, we’re in for some really cold and windy weather. Back to winter ’til Wed! At least I got a lot done in the garden, so I’m happy!

  5. What a beautiful collection Cathy – your house was full of the joys of spring for the easter weekend. My forsythia is just showing signs of flowering too so our gardens must be in a similar place right now. Sending Easter wishes to you and your family. xx

    • Our Forsythia opened on Friday after a really warm spell on Thursday. I love seeing the whole street lit up with the yellow flowers in everyone’s front gardens!

  6. Cathy, I read your post and lapped up the beautiful photos, and then immediately Googled to see if forsythia would do well in my climate. It’s so gorgeous. And apparently at least some varieties do indeed do well, and are even considered drought-friendly! I’m so surprised, but thrilled. The “yellows” and “blues” in your arrangements this week are absolutely stunning. I’m glad you enjoyed “partially blue skies” this weekend, which sounds a bit like a tease! But the blue you do have is so lovely. Have a wonderful week, my friend. 🙂

    • I hope you can find a Forsythia to suit your conditions. It really is pretty before all the leaves come out here. Have a great weekend Debra!

    • It is warmer at last Christina! Thursday was the warmest day this spring, hitting the 20°s. Now everything is raring to go, including the gardener! 😉

    • These anemones are amazing. I have a pink one too, and the colour is also very rich. They were new this spring, so I hope they settle in for following years too.

  7. Yes, two of my favorite springtime colors, and such a bright yellow in the forsythia! The blue though, I love the deep blue of the anemone. Blue skies and sunshine for sure 🙂

    • The anemone coronaria are new plants – one pink and one blue. They really make a statement in the garden, but bringing them indoors has proved worthwhile too as they last very well in a vase. We have more blue skies this weekend. 🙂

  8. Such beautiful flowers from your sister, your neighbor and your garden, Cathy. Spring is here, just teasing you a bit.

    I really like the different containers you’ve used. That’s half the fun, isn’t it?

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