In a Vase on Monday: Golden Winners

Before I show you my Monday vase this week, a brief update on the vote for the Amaryllis in my post An Amaryllis Winter just before Easter. Thank you for joining in the fun vote and leaving comments too!

And the winner is…



Closely followed by Lemon Star

Actually the poll showed Lemon Star ahead, but according to the comments I think Chico won by a slim margin of two points. πŸ™‚ They were my favourites too and I hope to grow these two again next year.

So, now to my vase, as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden – along with many other vase creators around the world – in collecting materials from my garden to bring into the house every Monday.


As you can see, I couldn’t NOT use my forsythia vase again. But this week I added some other golds to go with the Forsythia itself, which finally opened outdoors last Thursday after our first really warm day of the year.

(Since then we have had several hot days, over 20Β°C!)


I’m afraid I have forgotten the names of the daffodils, but I think they don’t mind just being called “Daff”…


I think this is Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Heart’s Delight’.

I love the slight pink tinge around the tips of the petals, which is more prominent on those growing in partial shade.


I also included some Euphorbia myrsinites, some of my yellow Hellebore flowers (‘FrΓΌhlingssonne’) which are now going over, and a couple of daffodils.

You can click on any image to enlarge them.

So April has got off to a good start with warmth and sunshine. I do hope it continues, but with some gentle rain overnight of course! πŸ˜‰

Have a good week!


54 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Golden Winners

  1. What a fabulous vase for many sunny yellows…I adore it!. We had warm weather too and now those flowers blooming are covered with over 8 inches of heavy snow that is destined to stay for days with frigid temps…just awful now that daffs were blooming with many blooms. Well I can see all your daffs since I am not sure how mine will fare at this point.

  2. Oh Chico is a star – and after my wonderful ‘Alfresco’ this year I am not sure I would want to bother with an ‘ordinary’ amaryllis/hippeastrum again! I nearly said before I read your post that I had no yellow in my garden just now – but then I rembered the narcissi! How on earth could I forget them?!! Your yellow vase is a real froth of colour, and those fried egg tulips are amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous today, Cathy – thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Cathy. That yellow in the tulips does look like egg yolk I agree! I am so tempted to pick everything at the moment, so sticking to a colour theme at least limited me a bit.

      • Yes, I have some Erlicheer narcissi coming out, and some hyacinths that were grown in pots last year and then planted out – but I am glad I just stuck to the tulips!

  3. What a gorgeous spring vase, Cathy! A happy sight it is. I think the reflex-petalled narcissus is ‘Jetfire’ – I have them in my garden and they are a favorite – so dependable!
    It is snowing like mad here today and the temps are going to 12F tomorrow night – Arrgh! I see above Donna is getting 8 inches (see lives the next state over from me) so I won’t complain about our 3 to 5 inches!

    • Oh yes, Jetfire. I think you are right as I have planted them in the past. Oh dear, you have got late snow too. I do hope the frost doesn’t damage any flowers just about to open. The fruit trees in our neighbourhood and the Blackthorn hedges opened today and it is so lovely seeing blossom all around us. My neighbour has a Magnolia tree and we always wait with bated breath for it to flower in April as a frost can turn its buds to brown mush!

      • Yes, I’m afraid all the magnolias in our valley are going to be brown before this cold spell is over. However, I’m hoping the snow will insulate and protect the small flowering bulbs on the ground.

  4. The perfect spring vase; I think I may have said that before but I just love daffodils and would have them in the house every week of spring if I could grow them, I content myself with just a few. The Euphorbia really adds to the show with its vibrant colour but also its texture. Beautiful.

    • I moved the vase around a lot to find a decent background…. one day I shall find the perfect spot for photographing all my vases, winter and summer, rain or shine! πŸ˜‰

  5. Your Amaryllis are fabulous, Cathy, as is this week’s vase! The latter is a picture-perfect testimonial to spring. I smiled at your reference to hot weather. 20C (68F) is what we’d consider on the cool side this time of year. As it is, we’re expected to get upwards of 31C (near 90F) by mid-week, which is really too hot for this time of year, even for us.

    • Hi Kris. Yes, it hit 23Β°C this afternoon – just a week ago it was still below 10Β° with cold winds, so the warmth has caught us out and we need a week of it to adapt! Looks like it won’t last though. After all, April has a mind of its own, they say!

  6. Sounds like you are ordering up Camelot weather. We are having it and I hope you will be as lucky. Whatever the weather brings, you have brought sunshine into your house this week.

    • I have been making the most of it and getting some jobs done in the garden before April changes its mind and turns cold again! πŸ˜‰ The flowers will last longer than this mini heatwave, but I don’t really mind as the sudden warmth was a rather a shock!

  7. Chico was my favourite too! And your vase is just perfect and so well balanced and sunny. The fresh green in the background – think spring is really my favourite season.

    • Thanks Chloris. It would be fun if we all planted an Amaryllis on the same day (not necessarily Chico) and had a race to see whose flowered first! πŸ˜‰

  8. I put my Amaryllis to bed late last year so now I have 2 buds emerging which will be exciting. Your yellows are so sunny and fun, I haven’t seen a yellow hellebore before. The ‘Heart’s Delight’ tulip is amazing, it looks a lot like a daffodil without the trumpet, I like the pink touches especially in the center, Cathy.

  9. Oh that’s a vase of sparkling spring sunshine Cathy. Here the forsythia just before the allotment gate is only just showing yellow. Your thermometer has risen higher than ours have done so far this spring. Glad to read that the fabulous Chico was ahead of the rest although they were all an attractive bunch.

    • It got quite cool again this week, but the nights are milder with no frost, and the Magnolia trees in neighbourhood gardens are all out now too. πŸ™‚

  10. Some years ago I was surprised to learn that in Middle English daffodil had been affodil. That earlier form had been adopted from the Latin asphodelus that the Romans had borrowed from Greek. Etymologically speaking, then, daffodil = asphodel.

    • I looked that up only recently too, and wondered at how strange it is that we have so many plant names with Greek origins and yet so often people talk about the ‘Latin’ names. I know of a plant called Asphodelus or Affodill in German that bears more resemblance to a wild orchid than a daffodil!

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