In a Vase on Monday: Purple

I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden again this Monday for her weekly meme where we gather things from our gardens for a vase to bring indoors.


As spring progresses towards summer (or so it seems at the moment with our gorgeous sunshine) the tulips are gradually stripping out in the warmth, shedding their petals rather elegantly, as tulips tend to do. But one remained fully clothed for today, albeit one I don’t remember planting or even seeing before! The mystery tulip is very dark purple, almost black. A perfect match for the Geranium phaeum I intended to use anyway, as it is taking over one spot in my garden. I love the decorative foliage on this G. phaeum, which reflects the chocolatey purple of the flowers.


I also wanted to use the seedheads of my red Pulsatilla vulgaris. Another favourite, and the colours matched too. So in it went, along with a few purple Heuchera leaves and a fading deep red Hellebore.


And since I had decided on a purple glass vase, a few cuttings of sage and lavender around the edges lightened it up a bit.


I hope you are all getting some of this beautiful blue sky too.


Have a week filled with sunshine!


53 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Purple

  1. This is lovely Cathy, I like geranium phaem )spelling ) a lot and it works so well with the tulip. Glad you have blue skies, ours has turned a bit grey again.

  2. This is a lovely combo, Cathy. The vase is such a nice, deep color. I need to collect more colored glass, I think! Perhaps your tulip is Queen of the Night? I have G.phaeum, too, and love it. I let it go wild in different spots around the yard. The foliage choices look great. Glad you are getting sun – it makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

    • The sun has been wonderful Eliza, but now a few cooler rainy days have been forecast and we will be glad of a bit of rain. πŸ™‚

  3. I love these colours Cathy, what a beautiful combination. I agree with Eliza, the tulip looks like Queen of the Night which is a favourite of mine.

  4. How delightful to discover an unexpected bloom in your garden, especially one in such a delicious color! You did a great job scouting out companions to accompany the tulip in the vase. We have mostly gray skies at the moment but that’s all right – it’s the fault of the marine layer and it’s keeping us cool. Summer will be here all too soon!

    • We will also be glad of some clouds and hopefully rain over the weekend as it has also been very windy here – that dries up the ground so much and some plants have already started to wilt!

  5. A wonderful rendition of the blue sky, ours is beautiful here as well. Vase is a lovely combination of colors, I used Queen of the Night as an annual further north and that is what it looks like to me.

  6. The mystery tulip is a delectable find for your Monday vase. You gathered lovely companions to keep it company. Wonderful to see your blue sky Cathy. Enjoy.

  7. This is really pretty Cathy, your vase looks like a country bouquet, I really like the Pulsatilla seed heads too, they look so tactile. We have had beautiful blue skies just like you but its all set to change to rain and cooler, hope your blue skies stay for longer.

    • We have had such a lovely long spell of blue skies that a bit of rain would be welcome… to give the gardener a rest and catch up on housework if nothing else! πŸ˜‰

    • We are supposed to get a few cooler rainy days now, which my garden would be grateful for as the sunshine and wind has dried it up already.

  8. How different the colours are to last weeks vase. And how important a bright sky or other spotlights are to let darker colours shine so well, as you did!

  9. Beautiful combination – I love this geranium, so delicate, and this tulip. And the vase looks gorgeous in the sunshine and blue-sky backdrop. Lovely.

  10. I wondered whether you would pick some of your geranium phaeum Cathy. I will be interested to hear how long they last with you. You have found the very best companions for it. I like those explosions of silky seedheads πŸ™‚ We’ve had some of those beautiful blue skies too.

    • I think you have used the Geranium in a vase too… yes, it has lasted really well, and today (Thursday) it looks almost as fresh as the first day. I am very pleasantly surprised!

  11. I love the selection of blooms you have paired with the Geranium phaeum – gorgeous colours, and the pulsatilla seedhead is striking too

    • It must be those seed heads that make it look a bit fluffy I think. The Geranium works quite well in a vase, and I am quite pleased I decided to try it out.

  12. Just gorgeous, Cathy, it is Tulipa Queen of the night and it looks splendid in that vase with the airy seedhead and Geranium. Purple is one of my favourite colours, so mysterious and splendid. Enjoy your sunshine. Weather is very mixed here these days, pity, as we have so many garden open days right now…my own next week, here’s hoping for sunshine πŸ˜‰

    • A shame I don’t live a bit nearer as I would love to visit your garden – good luck with the open day. It is pouring here at the moment and the garden is soaking it all up with reliief after a very dry couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

    • Mine has spread like mad Janet, but it is easy to remove if it gets too rampant. I have a paler one and a white one too in a shady spot. I love it so much!

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