In a Vase on Monday: Femininity

Despite more rain and thunderstorms we have fortunately not suffered the weather damage some of you may have seen on your news this past week; the south and the west of Germany have had extremely heavy rainfall for over a week now, causing small rivers and streams to overflow or burst their banks, devastating several towns and villages.

At times like these I am glad to be living halfway up a hill!

This Monday’s vase, created for Cathy’s meme (Rambling in the Garden), was put together on Saturday evening, as the skies turned grey again and I was unsure what Sunday would bring!


Unhappy with the light, I decided to bring it indoors and switched on a small lamp – the soft effect this created inspired the title for this post, as it looked so pretty and feminine.


The main element was my white peony ‘Festiva maxima’, which opened in the course of the week and has been filling the house with its fragrance from various other vases. I added two Siberian iris flowers, a white Aquilegia (‘Green Apples?’) some sprigs of Aruncus, a few grasses, some sage flowers, some Veronica, a single Nigella flower and some white sprigs of…. any ideas what the floaty white flowers are? No, not cow parsley…. think of another ‘weed’! (I’ll let you guess!)



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Now take a look at Cathy’s lovely creation today, and also at what other gardeners are finding for a vase this Monday.

Have a lovely week!