The Tuesday View Returns!

Some of you may remember me posting the weekly view of my rockery for a year (2014), and the year before it was the long view down the garden that I featured every Tuesday afternoon (2013). Well, thanks to some encouragement by Christina (at MyHesperidesGarden) who also posted a regular view of her slope for a year or so, I have decided to start it up again. And if anyone would like to join in, please do!

The idea is to choose just one view, and to take a photograph of it from roughly the same spot every Tuesday.

When I first started this weekly post, observing the changes through the seasons or the light at different times of day gave me much insight into the plants to use in my rockery. Hopefully this learning process will now continue.

Overall the planting has remained much the same over the past few years, with only a couple of new additions – some grasses, which are as yet not big enough to notice, and a rose –  ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ – which is just starting to flower but is still a fairly small plant.

The Tuesday view, 7th June 2016, 2pm


I would be so pleased if anyone would like to join me with their own “Tuesday View”.


41 thoughts on “The Tuesday View Returns!

  1. Love this! I’ll be thinking of my own Tuesday view, a wonderful way to record the changes in the garden.

  2. I will definitely join you on Tuesday; I haven’t decided whether to choose something different or stick the Slope. I’m so glad you decided to re-start this as a weekly meme is really good for seeing all the small changes as well as the large. I’ve already posted this morning so I’ll begin next week.

  3. What a beautiful garden and a great idea, Cathy. I’ve thought of doing the same, but on a monthly basis off the back deck to the large perennial bed in the yard. I’ll ponder the weekly possibility. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, your rockery is full of color. I don’t have an area that would be interesting each week (even to me) but I will look forward to following your Tuesday view and others.

  5. Hi Cathy, your rockery is so lush and full its hard to tell that any rockery is there at all. Glad to hear Christina persuaded you to start again.

  6. I enjoy your weekly view! I would be tempted to join you if I found that my view changed very much…or much at all. LOL! I do love the way your flowers are mounded and massed. It is a very striking view!

  7. So very colorful already, so relatively early in the season! I’m glad you’re doing this again–I remember looking forward to it each week in 2014. I used to do my own Tuesday’s Views, but I didn’t photograph the same spot every week. I should start again.

    • The warm weather and rain over the oast two or three weeks has made everything shoot up! It’s like a jungle out there now! Do join in if you can Kimberley. 🙂

    • I think early June is when it looks at its best Cathy… it can start to look ragged in August if we have a dry summer. In any case, I will keep this up till the end of the year and hopefully get a shot of snow on it again too. 😉

    • Thanks Jason The red is mostly Centranthus – looking at its best right now. The poppies are going over now, so it is good to keep a record of it week by week!

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