Thursday’s Feature: Veronica

A hazy mass of true blue…


The Veronica that flowers in my garden was here when we moved in, so I am not sure what kind it is. Possibly V. gentianoide or V. teucrium, but there are so many different species it is hard to tell. In any case it has taken over the top border again, which is fine by me as the Lavender will be blooming to replace it by the time I have to cut this down.


It grows to about 40-50 cm and starts flowering at the end of May. I always cut it right back after flowering, as it then quickly produces new growth as ground cover and occasionally the odd second flower too.


It is extremely resilient, coping with drought and intense heat without wilting at all, and the coldest of winters do not affect its growth either.

I love using it in vases…

Today I am linking in to Cosmos and Cleome for Kimberley’s meme “Thursday’s Feature”. Kimberley has also chosen a very pretty flower to feature this week, so do take a look!


Why not join us in featuring something from our gardens each Thursday?


31 thoughts on “Thursday’s Feature: Veronica

  1. Beautiful. I am not familiar with Veronica– perhaps it is not common in this area.. I will search for it. Thanks for introducing me to something new.

  2. Am I living in a time warp, I thought it was still Wednesday. The Veronica is lovely, I like plants with strong verticals. I’ll join in tomorrow.

    • LOL! Sorry I confused you. Pressed ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Save’! πŸ˜‰ At least it might give a few more people time to join in this week. Look forward to your post Christina!

  3. Veronica is such a versatile (and sometimes tenacious) plant. The ground cover variety has all but taken over the field, along with the anemone canadensis. A nice combo!

  4. I only noticed the weekday mix-up because I am catching up and your post is deep amongst the Wordless Wednesdays! Gorgeous colour and shape.

    • By the time I realized I had already published it I had received 2 ‘likes’, so it would have seemed odd to cancel it! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, glad you could visit Cathy!

  5. Beautiful flower but the way you have photographed it is exceptional! Between this and the color of your Tuesday view (glad to see its return!) I feel like summer has arrived.

    • Thanks Frank! I feel summer is here too – the elderflowers are out, the lavender is almost in bloom, and the freezer is stocked up with ice cream! πŸ˜‰

  6. They are a lovely colour and I know that I over look them because of the way I have to continuously pull the creeping form out of the borders. But I will look out for these forms now.

    • These are not at all invasive. I have several different Veronicas that are all well-behaved, but this is my favourite for its pure blue colour.

  7. What a gorgeous, well behaved addition to any garden. Even the name is lovely, and one of my favorites. For a period of time around the age of 10, I wanted to be a Veronica too.

    Great idea for a weekly feature.

    • It’s one of the truest blues too. I always thought V. gentianoides is usually paler, but you could be right. In any case I adore it as well.

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