In a Vase on Monday: Singing in the Rain

As I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for another Monday vase, my garden is singing in the background…. can you hear it? In fact, I think it is laughing too as it grows lusher and taller after all the warmth and rain we have had. It’s been like a sauna out there at times, and between dodging raindrops and then fleeing from the intermittent sunny spells (the sun is really strong now) I have barely been able to keep the garden in check!

The Alchemilla needed trimming from the edges of borders as it was overflowing everywhere, so that was the starting point for my cut flowers this week, which I prepared on Sunday.


Then in the background of the photo above you can see that the Lysimachia is also very rampant, normally restrained by being in the driest area, so I cut some of that too and noted I must remove a lot of it later on.


Well, the vase was full, but something was missing…. so I added the last strands of Aruncus that have not yet opened. I don’t like the fluffy flowers much, but the curvy buds are beautiful.


In these photos the sun was actually shining, but the rain continued. Weather for ducks! (Which is why I put my little green duck in the picture too!)


Today it is raining again, and many plants have been flattened by the weight of it all. The lush green and vivid colours in the garden outweigh the downside of the rain though. And it can’t go on for ever, can it?

I hope you all get the weather you and your gardens want this week!


Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme. Do go and visit her to see her pretty vase this week.

(PS Just a little reminder to anyone who wishes to join me with a Tuesday View tomorrow. 🙂 )