In a Vase on Monday: Singing in the Rain

As I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for another Monday vase, my garden is singing in the background…. can you hear it? In fact, I think it is laughing too as it grows lusher and taller after all the warmth and rain we have had. It’s been like a sauna out there at times, and between dodging raindrops and then fleeing from the intermittent sunny spells (the sun is really strong now) I have barely been able to keep the garden in check!

The Alchemilla needed trimming from the edges of borders as it was overflowing everywhere, so that was the starting point for my cut flowers this week, which I prepared on Sunday.


Then in the background of the photo above you can see that the Lysimachia is also very rampant, normally restrained by being in the driest area, so I cut some of that too and noted I must remove a lot of it later on.


Well, the vase was full, but something was missing…. so I added the last strands of Aruncus that have not yet opened. I don’t like the fluffy flowers much, but the curvy buds are beautiful.


In these photos the sun was actually shining, but the rain continued. Weather for ducks! (Which is why I put my little green duck in the picture too!)


Today it is raining again, and many plants have been flattened by the weight of it all. The lush green and vivid colours in the garden outweigh the downside of the rain though. And it can’t go on for ever, can it?

I hope you all get the weather you and your gardens want this week!


Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme. Do go and visit her to see her pretty vase this week.

(PS Just a little reminder to anyone who wishes to join me with a Tuesday View tomorrow. 🙂 )

51 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Singing in the Rain

  1. We seem to be having the same weather Cathy, even though we aren’t all that close! Your vase is lovely, full and exuberant, a perfect reflection of the garden.

    • Our showers have been torrential at times Christina. I am hoping this weather will calm down soon as the garden is looking a bit battered in places!

  2. Beautiful Cathy. The soft yellows and greens are lovely together. The flowers look lush in the vase as does the entire garden. We’ve had lots of rain up until a week ago. The temperature soared this weekend so I would welcome some rain again. Have a great week.

    • Thanks Susie. Hope you get yoir rain soon. I should like some stable weather with a nice gentle breeze and a few clouds in a blue sky! 😉

  3. Such a cool and refreshing vase, so unlike your weather!
    We are into a dry spell here with constant breezes and cold temperatures. The peonies have never lasted this long before, I’m almost tired of their fluffy floppiness 🙂

    • I am envious! This year our peony season has been abruptly shortened after torrential rain showers almost every day. But then again, a dry spell with a breeze is also not ideal for the garden!

  4. So far we have gotten gray cold, windy days in June….my garden is holding on but not singing. I love when a vase comes together from trimmings in the garden….this vase certainly shows the beauty and lushness of your garden!

    • There wasn’t much time to contemplate out there as the rain has been very heavy at times! But the Alchemilla and Lysimachia were practically begging to be cut! 😉

  5. Abundance in the garden can be a wonderful thing. Even though lysimachia can take over, I still love its long-lasting blooms, so I put up with the control efforts. At least we never worry about cutting too much of that or the alchemilla. I love that you included your border in the first shot. It’s beautiful!

  6. Oh the green aruncus was a great addition – and how lovely to see your alchemilla. It’s just always there but I keep forgetting to use it! The green and yellow of lysmachia works so well with it, doesn’t it? Greens are lovely! Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Cathy. And once agin thank you for creating this meme which has added a whole new dimension to my gardening focus! Alchemilla doesn’t last all through the summer here, so I wanted to use it while it is still looking fresh. And with the raindrops on it, it is just irresistible. 🙂

  7. Sorry to hear about your heavy rain (we’ve had some of that here and it’s flattened some of our wild flower area, sadly). This is a lovely, lush vase – alchemilla is such a gorgeous cut flower, isn’t it? Fingers crossed for sunshine…

  8. The image of flowers singing in the rain is delightful but the description of the sauna-like heat is less so. I hope you get cool breeze and can enjoy being outside with your wonderful singing flowers.

  9. I will be singing a certain song now for the rest of the evening Cathy – no prizes for guessing what. Similar weather here though probably cooler. It sounds as if your vase fell easily into place this week. I must confess to ignoring my aruncus for most of the time. Your post has prompted me to have a good look at it tomorrow so thank you for the nudge.

    • I hope your Aruncus hasn’t flowered yet Anna and you can see how pretty the buds are! I would love to get rid of some of it, but then every year I see and hear the hundreds of insects on the flowers and decide it can stay!

  10. Such a lovely summery vase – alchemilla always look so fresh. I have been dodging a bit more than showers for the last few days Cathy and am truly hoping it will stop soon before I lose everything! Your more gentle showers and sunshine are a perfect mix for a June garden.

    • Our showers have been very heavy at times too Julie, and many plants have been flattened. But at least it is warm and we are getting some sunny bursts in between. 🙂

  11. As Donna says above – lovely when a vase comes together with the trimmings from the garden. And your lovely table again. As you say, it’s hard to keep up with everything in all the rain – incredible growth and flowers flat on their faces. A friend of mine gives the lysimachia the old Chelsea chop to keep it shorter – seems to work. I’m scared of introducing it because I already have too many plants flowering ‘way up there’ – but it looks glorious in your vase, as do the twisty aruncus flower stems. And I could never, ever see too much alchemilla! Lets hope we all have a kinder July – isn’t it interesting that the rainy weather seems almost global?

    • I’ll have to try that with the Lysimachia. I do pull out a lot of it after it has flowered and in autumn and spring again too, but it returns as rampant as ever! Yes, I am also hoping the weather will calm down a bit so we can finally sit on the patio without having to dash inside when the next shower comes! I don’t mind getting wet when working out there, but the rockery is a bit treacherous underfoot when wet.

  12. I love that lush bouquet, Cathy – as also the little duck 🙂 The yellow to lime green is such a cheerful combination!

  13. Warm and wet -> Jungle feeling. I like it for a while. I can see Gene Kelly dancing with the duck in your garden. There is a lot of energy in your garden and vase. Have a nice week! Uta

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