In a Vase on Monday: Pick and Mix

It hasn’t rained so far today, and the sun – when it comes out – is very hot. Unfortunately when it goes behind a cloud the mosquitoes are out in force… but with long trousers and sleeves I have been able to wade through the jungle to pick some flowers for a vase for Cathy’s meme at Rambling in the Garden.

This was what I ended up with!


Yep, several vases – a bit of this and a bit of that, in limes and lemons, strawberry pinks and blueberry blues. It made me think of sweeties from those old-fashioned sweet shops where the jars line the shelves…

Among them all is perhaps the very last flower of my Veronica, and one of the last remaining peony buds…


I also included a rather washed out and wind-battered rose (lovely nonetheless!) and the first of the lavender…


With all the rain my lavender bushes have grown tall and are flopping. I have never seen this happen before. They will all have to be cut back hard in the autumn.

Other pickings included some pinks and a single Hypericum flower which opened a little earlier than usual this year and has been in flower for over a week already.


And of course the ubiquitous Alchemilla, with Violas and Sweet Williams…


… and some Geranium phaeum…


Heartfelt thanks to Cathy for hosting. She has made a touching tribute this week to fellow bloggers – Christina from My Hesperides Garden in particular – who share her pleasure in gathering flowers from their gardens every Monday. Cathy, this meme has made Monday such a cheerful day and has encouraged me to bring flowers into my home on other weekdays too. Thank you!