The Tuesday View: 21st June 2016

Summer has officially arrived. Yippee! Um, where is the sun?

Here’s the view today, with little change I think, except that there is only one peony left…


… and I am zooming in on the red rose for Cathy (Garden Dreaming at Chatillon) who asked about it last week.


It has just started flowering and has so many buds it will be a real show soon.


Last week Dorris at Dig with Dorris asked about the ‘posts’ in the background. I must explain. Directly behind the trees/green fence in the background is a well-used public footpath. In the spring we had to have some of our trees cut down as they were growing over the gardenand disturbing our acer and other plants. The fence is quite high and as the machine needed to do the job had to stand on the footpath it could only cut them down over the fence to about 3 metres high. We intend to remove what was left standing as soon as we have a plan for an attractive piece of fencing there. Then the area will be planted with shrubs. The tree ‘stumps’ have started sprouting new leaves in places, but their days are numbered!

Join me in showcasing the same view of your garden each Tuesday to watch the seasons change.