The Tuesday View: 21st June 2016

Summer has officially arrived. Yippee! Um, where is the sun?

Here’s the view today, with little change I think, except that there is only one peony left…


… and I am zooming in on the red rose for Cathy (Garden Dreaming at Chatillon) who asked about it last week.


It has just started flowering and has so many buds it will be a real show soon.


Last week Dorris at Dig with Dorris asked about the ‘posts’ in the background. I must explain. Directly behind the trees/green fence in the background is a well-used public footpath. In the spring we had to have some of our trees cut down as they were growing over the gardenand disturbing our acer and other plants. The fence is quite high and as the machine needed to do the job had to stand on the footpath it could only cut them down over the fence to about 3 metres high. We intend to remove what was left standing as soon as we have a plan for an attractive piece of fencing there. Then the area will be planted with shrubs. The tree ‘stumps’ have started sprouting new leaves in places, but their days are numbered!

Join me in showcasing the same view of your garden each Tuesday to watch the seasons change.


43 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 21st June 2016

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    • We enjoy working on our trees Christina, and took down lots of large branches this spring from the rest of that row of trees. All our firewood is our own, which somehow makes our winter fires more special. 😉 I did have the name of that rose somewhere but couldn’t find it yesterday. Must have a sort out of old plant labels!

    • It is so lovely to see views from so many miles away taken on the same day. A remarkable thought and it somehow brings us all nearer to each other. Thanks Susie!

    • Lush is a good description… quite unusual for the rockery which is normal hot and dry. Interesting to see how the drouhgt-loving plants will react long-term!

  2. Is it possible for the visitors on the footpath to see parts of your garden? It appears to be very private, but I can imagine others wanting to take a peek if they catch a glimpse of color like that gorgeous rose! 🙂 I’m so glad you are happy to have summer arrive. I think you’ve had enough of the rain and need your summer freedom! It’s so beautiful, Cathy.

    • In winter you can see through a piece of hedge further along, but in summer we are well-shielded from passers-by and can quite happily swing in the hammock without feeling we are on display! 😉

  3. You have much more color than I do yet! I think you’re a week or so ahead of me. My roses are just starting to open. That red one is a beauty. Are the pink flowers Jupiter’s Beard (Centranthus)? I have a little bit of that. I thought it had died off because I hadn’t seen it in a couple years, but this year, there it is again! It’s in a spot with some fairly aggressive Monarda, having to fight for space! I don’t take a picture of the same spot every Tuesday, but rather long views of one or more of my beds each week. Here’s what I put up yesterday:

    • Precisely. The small single flowers don’t get too heavy and there are just so many of them too. I looked it up and it is called ‘Alcantara’.

  4. I enjoyed learning a little about your footpath and the mystery posts. I didn’t actually notice them last week (too busy smelling the flowers…) but now I see them clearly.

    Fun post, Cathy.

  5. Looks great and I love the rose too! I just looked it up and it appears to be marketed here as well under the Flower Carpet label… which is neither here nor there but I find it funny since I may already have it growing in the back corner of my front bed! I need to bring it out in the open and see what it’s really capable of.
    I’m going to try joining in next week, the tropical border was finally planted and it might be a fun view.

    • This rose must have been there for about 6 years at least and has gone from strength to strength. I think it likes being in the hottest part if the rockery! Look forward to seeing the tropical border. I have grown a few Ricinus from seed this year and so far three and a half plants (out of 8) have survived the slugs and snails…. 😉

  6. Thanks so much Cathy – I have just admired ‘Alcantara’ in your vase on Monday I think? It is superb and lovely to know it flowers all summer long (must have it!). Again – the Tuesday view is enchanting. I’m sorry that I have been so slow to catch up with other blogs in the last week, but I’m glad I went ‘backwards’ from your Monday vase!

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