In a Vase on Monday: Midsummer Delights

Monday vases have become a kind of ritual, and if I have time on Sunday to dither over them an extremely pleasurable ritual it is too. A big thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again for hosting this lovely meme!

I am offering three vases this week (yes, three!), as my sister is with me for a visit at the moment so one was destined for her room, one for the hall and one for the dining room.

Vase 1: the rose ‘Alcantara’, flowering at the top of my rockery, along with the pink rose ‘The Fairy’, some grasses, Hypericum, Lavender and Alchemilla.


Oh, and some wild Fleabane and a Nigella seed head…


Vase 2: the red rose again, with grasses and Heuchera flowers to add some height…


And a close-up of the rose ‘Alcantara’.


Vase 3: The rose that I nearly got rid of two years ago… it is blooming like mad again!


With deep pink Lychnis and Alchemilla (I just can’t resist it at the moment)..


And some Vetch – such a pretty plant and as always infesting my day lily bed!


Have a great Monday and do join me again with a Tuesday View tomorrow!


46 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Midsummer Delights

  1. Pretty vases Cathy, I love the Alchemilla too, I’d quite like to edge the beds in the new Secret garden cut flower beds with it; strangely you rarely see it for sale here. Have a lovely time with your sister.

    • I recently saw a miniature Alchemilla in a neighbour’s garden. Have never seen it on sale so might have to ask for a bit! I wonder if it is easy to grow from seed.

  2. Lovely vases, Cathy. That rose Alcantara is a bit special isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve any single roses in the garden and this year loads of other bloggers are inspiring me to plant them. Alchemilla is so perfect with any colour, just like your pretty grasses – you’ve picked a lovely selection of them too.Have a wonderful sisterly time!

  3. I’m a fan of Alchemilla mollis, too, as it’s a great foil to many other blooms, and I love your grasses. The deep red-pink rose is very pretty, as is the vetch. Have a good time with your sister.

  4. Each vase is lovely with those beautiful roses. I too like how you’ve used Alchemilla mollis to enhance the arrangements. Enjoy the time with your sister.

  5. Oh the vetch has taken hold of my beds but it is lovely and the pollinators love it….and we both are featuring deep pinks and Alchemilla this week in our vases…a stunning combo. Your sister is lucky to have a vase of her own as she visits. You remind me to fill more vases this summer….so many flowers beckoning to come in and be admired.

  6. Oh the vase with the red roses jumped out at me today as they are so informal and unpretentious – but it is just lovely to see the bounty that people find in their own gardens….makes me want to go out and pick more and have lots and lots of different vases!

    • I have completely lost that fear of picking things from my garden now… this meme has probably influenced my planting more than I realise! The red roses don’t last long in a vase, but there are plenty more to pick! 🙂 Thanks Cathy!

  7. The roses are beautiful, Cathy. I love Alchemilla too and wish I could grow it. I hope you have fun visiting with your sister. I have no doubt she’ll enjoy spending time in your lovely garden.

    • We have to smother ourselves in insect repellent at the moment if we go down into the garden Kris! That is the major disadvantage of having a very wet spring. On the other hand the plants are lush and healthy, growing taller than usual.

  8. Have a lovely time with your sister Cathy – I am sure she will appreciate your flowery efforts! All the vases are beautiful and it is so good to make the most of the beautiful alchemilla while it lasts.

  9. They’re all beautiful, but I think the last one is my favorite. That combination of pink and yellow is exquisite. I hope you have a terrific visit with your sister. She’s coming at a great time of year. And if I’m remembering correctly, didn’t she arrange flowers for one of your posts last year?

    Gorgeous photos as always.

    • Hi Alys. Yes, my sister is very creative so perhaps she’ll do a vase for us next week. 🙂 Have a good week Alys, and hope you get a cooler spell soon.

      • Thank you, Cathy! We’re enjoying a calm, three day weekend, with the US Independence Day falling on a Monday this year. It’s hot, but we’ve had a breeze too, so that really helps.

  10. I think that threatening roses with drastic action does the trick Christina. A most attractive trio of vases. Hope that you have a great time enjoying your sister’s company.

    • Hi Anna, that rose was extremely lucky as it hadn’t flowered one year and didn’t start flowering until mid July the next… I gave it a hard pruning and it got the message! 😉

  11. I can see from the scale of your rockery, why you post several vases on one day…even with my small garden, it is so difficult to keep to just one! If I had to choose which one of your lovely arrangements is my favourite, it would have to be the first one with fleabane.

  12. I think these may be my favorites, Cathy. They are so full and colorful, with such variety! I haven’t commented before on how impressed I am that you know the names and varieties so well! i love the vetch! The inclusion of the seed head is such a nice touch, too. I hope you are having a wonderful visit with your sister. 🙂

    • Thank you Debra. The names are such a part of my passion for plants. I like to know the common names in English and German and then the botanical names as well so I can be sure my Mum and I are talking about the same plants when we call each other!

    • Three is such a nice number, I can quite understand why it got a reputation for being lucky! Sorry my reply is so late Ricki. You seem to have been landing in my spam folder recently!

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